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Fakulti Pendidikan | Faculty of Education – Together We Excel

Centre of Community Education & Wellbeing

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin (Chairman: Centre of the Community Education & Wellbeing)

Bed (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia), Med (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia), PhD (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia)

Special Education (Hearing Disability) & Speech Therapy



Professor Dato’ Dr. Abd Razak Ahmad

BA (Malaya), KPLI (MPSAH), MEd (UKMalaysia), PhD (UMalaya)

History Education

Associate Professor Dr. Manisah Mohd Ali

Certificate of Teaching(MPPM), Associate Dip. TESOL (TL London), Dip. in TESOL (Sheffield Poly), Bac. Edu (TESL)(UPMalaysia), MEd, Ph.D (Birmingham)

Area of Specialization
Special Education, Inclusive Education, Literacy, Multiple Exceptionalities, At Risk and Marginalised Groups

Associate Professor Dr. Norlena Salamuddin

BScEd, MScEd(Iowa, USA), PhD(UPMalaysia)

Head of Sports Management Module

Physical Education, Value in Sports, Sports Science


Associate Professor Dr. Hasnah Toran

Bac. (TESL), Master (Management), PhD (Early Intervention)(Oregon, USA)

Special Education (Learning Disability), Early Intervention & Early Childhood Education

Dr. Suziyani Mohamed (Head of Programme: Master)

Bac. Sc. (UPM), SPend (UKM), PhD (UKM)

Early Childhood Special Education, Social-Emotional Development, Screening

Dr. Mohd Isa Hamzah

BA(Al-Azhar),Dip Edu(UKMalaysia), MA(Birmingham), PhD (Warwick, UK)

Head of Islamic Education Module

Islamic Education & Arabic Language Instruction


Dr. Mohd Mokhtar Hj Tahar (Head of Programme: Undergraduate-Special Education)

Cert.Sp. Edu Foundation (MP), Cert. Sp.Ed (MPIK), Cert Sp Edu (Learning Disability)(MPIK), M.Edu (Sp Edu), M.Ed (Sp Edu), PhD Sp Edu (UKMalaysia)

Special Education, Learning Disability & Treatment


Dr. Khadijah Abdul Razak

BIsEd, MEd(UMalaya), PhD (UPMalaysia)

Educational Philosophy & Islamic Education 


Dr. Denise Koh Choon Lian (Head of Programme: Sport & Recreation)

BEd (Sport & Recreation), MSc (UKMalaysia), PhD (Queensland, Aust)

Sport & Recreation Education, Health Education & Human Movement Science


Dr. Faridah Yunus

BSc (Math. with actuarial studies, Southampton), MEd (Math. Edu.) (UTMalaysia), PhD (Early Childhood Education)

Head of Pre-School Education Module

Early Childhood Education


Dr. Noorhayati Mohd Noor

B.Ed (UPMalaysia), MS (UPMalaysia) Ph.D (UKMalaysia)

Guidance & Counseling

Dr. Kamariah Abu Bakar

Dip. Math.Mgt (KPMalaysia), BA (UKMalaysia), MEd (Pre-School), (UKMalaysia), Ph.D (Pre-School Edu) (Uni. of Sydney, Aust)

Pre-School Education

Dr. Khairul Farhah Khairuddin

B. Ed (Special Education) (UKMalaysia), MA Special Education (Uni. Of Newcastle, Australia), Ph.D Inclusion and Deaf Education (Uni. of Manchester, UK)

Inclusive Learner Hearing Disability Education


Dr. Hafizhah Zulkifli

B. ed (UKMalaysia), M. Ed (UKMalaysia), PhD Islamic Edu (IIUM)

Islamic Education, Measurement & Evaluation

Mr. Anuar Ahmad

DipEdu (UKMalaysia), BA, Med(London)

History Education & Nationality

Mr. Wan Ahmad Munsif Wan Pa

Dip. Sports Edu (UiTMalaysia), B.Sport Mgt (UiTMalaysia), M.Sports Mgt (UKMalaysia)

Psycho-physio, Rehabilitation & Sports Management

(Study Leave)


Mr. Syar Meeze Mohd Rashid

Bac of Special Edu (Hearing Impairment) (IPGM), Ms of Philosophy (Trainning Teacher & Sc Edu) (UM) 

Sign Language & Manually Coded Edu; Special Edu (Hearing Impairment); Spiritual Edu for People with Disabilities.

(Study Leave)

Mr. Mohd Syazwan Zainal

B.Ed (Special Edu. Learning Disabilities), IPGM M.Ed (Special Edu), UKM

Special Edu. Learning Disabilities

Madam Nur Shakila Mazalan

B.Ed (Sports and Recreation), MEd (Coaching & Sports Performance)

Sports Physiology, Sports Science &  Physical Education


Madam Edlina Norbir

Personal Assistant to Professor Dato’ Dr. Abd Razak Ahmad (Chairman, Centre of the Community Education & Wellbeing)