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Fakulti Pendidikan | Faculty of Education – Together We Excel

Head of Module

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin (Chairman: Centre of the Community Education & Wellbeing)

Bed (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia), Med (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia), PhD (Sp. Ed) (UKMalaysia)

Special Education (Hearing Disability) & Speech Therapy



Prof. Dr. Kamisah Osman

B.ED Sc(UKMalaysia), MEd, PhD (Manchester)

Head of Science Education Module

Chemistry Education

Associate Professor Dr. Mohd Mahzan Awang

Cert Edu (MPIP), B.MalayMgt (Sosio-Culture) (UMalaysia), M.Ed (Sociology Education) (UKMalaysia), PhD (Uni of Dundee, UK)

Head of Sociology  & History of Education Module

Sociology  of Education

Prof. Dr. Ruhizan Mohamad Yassin

BSc (California), MST(Oregon), Dip.Edu(UKMalaysia),  PhD (Minnesota)

Head of Curriculum & Pedagogy Module

Science Education, Technology & Vocational, Curriculum & Evaluation

Prof. Dr. Zamri Mahamod

B.Ed (PBMP) (UPMalaysia), M.Ed, PhD (UKMalaysia)

Head of Malay Language & Literature Education Module

Malay Language Education, Malay Literature & Learning Strategies

Professor Dr. Nik Mohd Rahimi Nik Yusoff (Deputy Dean: Postgraduate)

BA (Al-Azhar), DipEd (Khartoum), MA (Khartoum), PhD (UKMalaysia)

Head of Arabic Language Education Module

Arabic Language Education & Islamic Education

Associate Professor Dr. Norlena Salamuddin

BScEd, MScEd(Iowa, USA), PhD(UPMalaysia)

Head of Sports Management Module

Physical Education, Value in Sports, Sports Science


Prof. Dr. Nor Aishah Buang

DipTESL(RELC Sing), BA(California,USA), MEd(Minnesota,USA), PhD (Indiana,USA)

Head of Economics Education, Business Studies &  Entrepreneurship module

Economics Education, Business Studies &  Entrepreneurship

Dr. Roslinda Rosli

Dip Math (UiTM), Bac Math (UiTM), Ma Math (UMalaya), PhD (Math) (Texas A & M, USA)

Head of Mathematics Education Module

Mathematics Education

Dr. Mohd Isa Hamzah

BA(Al-Azhar),Dip Edu(UKMalaysia), MA(Birmingham), PhD (Warwick, UK)

Head of Islamic Education Module

Islamic Education & Arabic Language Instruction


Dr. Faridah Yunus

BSc (Math. with actuarial studies, Southampton), MEd (Math. Edu.) (UTMalaysia), PhD (Early Childhood Education)

Head of Pre-School Education Module

Early Childhood Education


Dr. Ku Suhaila Ku Johari

BSc (UPMalaysia), M.Ed (UPMalaysia), PhD (Guidance & Counseling)(Uni of Wyoming USA)

Head of Guidance & Counseling Module

Guidance & Counseling (Human Development-Child, Teenager & Family), Mental Health & Counseling Community, Play Therapy

Dr. Siti Fatimah Mohd Yassin

DipCompSc (ITMalaysia), Bac.Comp Sc. (UKMalaysia-ITMalaysia), MSc(Ed) in CBL (Belfast), PhD (UTMalaysia)

Head of Computer Education Module

Computer Education & IT, Educational Software Development, Educational Technology


Dr. Faridah Hj Mydin Kutty

BA.Edu (Geog/BM), MA(Geog.Urban)(USMalaysia), PhD

Head of Adult Higher Education Module 

Geography & Malay Education, Integrated & Adult Higher Education