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Department Physiology

1. Name of the tool: Flowcytometer Model: BD FACSVERSE Function: analyzing the physical properties and chemical cells. 2. Multi Wire Myograph System Model: DMT 620M Brand: DMT Function: Measuring blood vessel function in rats and mice 3. ELISA Reader Model: SPECTRAMAS PLUS 384 Function: Test the presence of component in the sample. 4. Fluorescence Inverted Microscope Model: AXIO VERT.A1 Brand: CARL ZEISS Function: To analyze the physiological characteristics of live cells using fluorescence 5. Milli Q System (Ultra Water) Model: ZMQS50001 Brand: MILLIPORE Function: Provide pure water without ion (deionized water) for laboratory use 6. Milli Q System (Distilled Water) Model: ZMQS50001 Brand: MILLIPORE Function: Provide water reverse osmosis (RO water) for laboratory use 7. Ultra Centrifuge Model: BECKMAN-L60 Brand: BECKMAN Function: press sample at very high speed
Charge Rate (RM) Internal-SMEs Charge Rate (RM) -.perfect Government Charge Rate (RM) Pool – Private charges Staff Locations  Responsible officer
300.00 / hour (including consumables) RM330.00 / hour RM360.00 / hour RM10.00 / session 9th Floor, Department of Physiology, Building Preclinical Bt Norizam address, Amiza Bt Hamdan & Nazierah Bt Abd Ghani
RM75.00 / hour RM82.00 / hour RM90.00 / hour RM10.00 / session Bt Norizam address and Aini Farzana Zulkefli
RM22.00 / plate RM24.00 / plate RM26.00 / plate no Bt norliza Saari
RM20.00 / slide RM22.00 / slide RM24.00 / slide no Farzana Aini Bt Zulkefli
RM8.00 / liter RM9.00 / liter RM10.00 / liter no Bt Zanariyah Asmawi
RM3.00 / liter RM4.00 / liter RM5.00 / liter no
RM60.00 / hour RM66.00 / hour RM72.00 / hour no Bt Zanariyah Asmawi