Fakulti Perubatan



Microbiology & Immunology

1. Name of the tool: Biospectrometer Fluorescence Model: EPPENDORF Brand: EPPENDORF Features: This equipment is used to measure the concentration of protein or DNA either using fluorescence technique, UV in a sample in a little volume. 2. Name Tools: Centrifudge Refrigerated Model: 5810R Brand: EPPENDORF Features: This equipment is to clamp the specimen in cold conditions. 3. Name Tools: Chemiluminescence Reader Model: Promega E / USA Brand: Promega E Function: Hardware used to determine whether reading in the form of luminescence, absorbance and fluorescence in the reaction of antigens and antibodies. 4. Name Tools: ELISA System Model: 17350 Brand: HUMAN Features: This equipment is used to test the detection of antigens or antibodies using ELISA technique automatically.
Charge Rate (RM) Internal-SMEs Charge Rate (RM) -.perfect Government Charge Rate (RM) Pool – Private charges Staff Locations  Responsible officer
20:00 20:00 40.00 NA General 1 Ms. Suhada
70.00 70.00 140.00 NA tissue culture Ms. Shaliawani
30.00 30.00 60.00 NA immunology Mr. Jaya
150.00 150.00 300.00 NA immunology Mr. Jaya