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Health Psychology Clinic, Faculty of Health Sciences (KPK-FSK) was established in January 2002 and started its operation in February 2002. KPK-FSK is operated by the Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Health Program (PPK & KTL), Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. The clinic provides services that include psychological assessments and interventions. Services are offered to the general public, and this clinic served as a teaching and practicum centre for Master of Clinical Psychology students. In line with its development, KPK-FSK has become one of the well-known reference centres at the national level for clinical psychology services. Although this clinic’s primary services emphasized the field of clinical psychology and mental health services, the clinic also provides counselling services. Facilities such as two therapy rooms, a group therapy room, three assessment rooms, a consultation room, a sand playroom, a playroom and two observation rooms equipped with closed-circuit television (CCTV) are available. The Health Psychology Clinic team includes clinical psychologists, registered counsellors as well as industry and organizational psychologist. The Health Psychology Clinic aims to provide professional, friendly, fair and efficient service to their clients.

Services offered

Psychological assessment services for children and adults referred by hospitals, health centers, clinics, private or government firms, community welfare parties, schools and private referrals, which are commonly provided at these clinics include:

  • Assessment of cognitive function and intelligence (IQ)
  • Neuropsychological assessment (TBI head injury, dementia, epilepsy and memory problems)
  • Personality assessment
  • Assessment of developmental (neurodevelopmental) problems such as ADHD, ASD, SLD and so on
  • Assessment of mental disorder problems
  • Assessment of emotional function
  • Assessment of adaptation function

The psychological approach in treating mental disorders and emotional problems is offered specifically on the following issues:

  • Depression, sadness, loss and adjustment problems
  • Relationships and family
  • Self-issues, identity and assertiveness
  • Anxiety (general anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, phobia and post-traumatic stress)
  • Behavior management for children, adults and the disabled
  • Learning or academic and child development
  • Sleep disorders
  • Material addiction
  • Sexual identity disorders
  • Management of stress, anger and physical pain

Counseling services at KPK are offered by qualified and skilled counselors.

Among the areas of counseling services offered include:

  • Family counseling and marriage counseling
  • Career counseling
    Self-development (developing self-interest, motivation and potential)
  • Conflict resolution
  • Group counseling

Services offered include workplace problem management, staff development, job satisfaction, workplace adaptation, workplace health and workplace safety. This was handled by industry and organizational psychologists. Psychological consultation is also given to FSK students who have psychological problems in learning and self-management.

Clinic Operation Time

Monday - Friday : 8.00 am - 5.00 pm

Rest: 1.00 - 2.00 pm (exept on Friday 12.15 -2.45 pm)

Our Psychologist Clinical

Agnes Chong Shu Sze


Expertise: Clinical Psychology
Telephone: +603-2687 8188  

Shabira 'Inani Md. Zain


Expertise: Clinical Psychology
Telephone: +603-2687 8198


Support Staffs

Zaily Mohamad

Zaily Mohamad

Office Operation Assistant

Telephone: +603-2687  

Our Academician Expertices

Dr. Noh Amit- Clinical Psychology
Norhayati Ibrahim
AP Dr. Norhayati Ibrahim-Counseling Psychology
Mahadir Ahmad
Dr. Mahadir Ahmad- Clinical Psychology
Zaini Said
Dr. Zaini Said-Counseling Psychology
Ponnusamy Subramaniam
Dr. Ponnusamy Subramaniam- Clinical Psychology
Shazli Ezzat Ghazali
Dr. Shazli Ezzat Ghazali - Health Psychology; Industrial and Organization Psychology (I/O)
Gan Chun Hong
Mr Gan Chun Hong

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Klinik Psikologi Kesihatan Fakulti Sains Kesihatan,
Aras 2 Bangunan Yayasan Selangor,
Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz,


+603-2687 8188/ 8189 

Operation Hours

Monday – Friday  08:00 – 15:00

Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday : Close