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Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

Senior Lecturer

Dr. Amrah Abdul Majid


Muslim women writing in English, Middle Eastern literature in English

Dr. Anita Harris


Postcolonial Gothic Literature, Post-Memory, Gothic Literature and Drama, Mythic Literature and Drama, Hybridity and Liminality, Hypertext Fiction.

Dr. Azianura Hani Shaari


Dr. Hafizah Latif

Dr. Kemboja Ismail


Dr. Kesumawati Abu Bakar


Corpus-based discourse and visual analysis, Multimodality, Gender & Identity.

Dr. Maserah Shabudin

Critical Discourse Analysis, Translation and Japanese Educational Studies.

Dr. Melissa Shamini Periasamy


Literature and Media, Literature and Multimodality, Multimodality in Multicultural contexts, Social Semiotics.

Dr. Mohamad Subakir Mohd Yasin


Syntactic theories, gender studies, and language use.

Dr. Ng Lay Shi, Liz


Chinese Syntax, Grammaticalization, CALL, Teaching Mandarin as Second Language.

Dr. Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar


Theoretical Phonology and Morphology.

Dr. Soh Or Kan

Dr. Suziana Mat Saad


French Language, French Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics.

Dr. Zalina Mohd Lazim


Young Adult Literature, literature in language teaching and learning, literary translation.

Fuzirah Hashim


Corpus-based Studies, Online Learning and Teaching of Adult Learners.

Norwati Md Yusof

Tng Cheah Kiu Choon


Chinese language.

Dr. Azahan Awang

Dr. Rosniza Aznie Che Rose

Experties : Demography & Population Studies, Town Planning (Tourism Planning), Social Impact Assessment

Dr. Siti Marziah Zakaria

Dr. Yew Wong Chin

Dr. Zaimah Ramli

En. Mohd. Azlan Abdullah @ Alit Merang

En. Yaakob Mohd. Jani

Fatin Umaira binti Muhamad Azlan

Prof.  Dr. Hamzah Jusoh

Prof. Dr. Er Ah Choy

Prof. Dr. Mastura Mahmud

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Ekhwan bin Toriman

Prof. Dr. Mohd. Fuad Mat Jali

Prof. Madya Dr Azima Bt. Abd Manaf

Prof. Madya Dr. Abd. Hair Awang

Prof. Madya Dr. Chan Kim Ling @ Geraldine

Prof. Madya Dr. Habibah Ahmad

Prof. Madya Dr. Jalaluddin Abdul Malek

Prof. Madya Dr. Kadaruddin Aiyub

Prof. Madya Dr. Kadir Arifin

Prof. Madya Dr. Novel a/k Lyndon

Assoc. Prof Dr. Novel Lyndon

Head Of Postgraduate Programme
(Doctor of Philosophy)


Dr. Ravichandran Vengadasamy

Head Of Postgraduate Programme

Experties : Stylistics, Malaysian Literature in English, Postcolonial Literature, Academic and Business Writing

Dr. Fatimah Wati Halim

Head of Postgraduate Programme

Personel and Organizational Psychology, Personel Psychology (Tests, Measurement and Psychological Assessment (especially personality) testing in personel, competency and performance management), Organizational psychology (personality and organizational behaviour especially in leadership, motivation and self-efficacy).

Associate Professor Dato’ Dr Samsu Adabi Mamat

Dr. Roseliza Murni Ab. Rahman

Scope of Work

Clinical Psychology – Assessment, Treatment and Prevention of Mental Disorders, Expressed Emotion and Schizophrenia Relapse

Dr. Nasrudin Subhi

Scope of Work

Counselling Psychology, Sexuality,  Resilience,  Qualitative Method,  Indigenous Community, At-risk youth, Women Leadership

Associate Professor Dr. Kuik Cheng Chwee

Dr. Salina Nen

Scope of Work

Psychology Counseling, Secondary Trauma,  Sexual Abuse,  High Risk Children and Adolescent

Professor Dr. Zarina Othman

Dr. Chin Kok Fay

Dr. Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin

Scope of Work

Criminology, Criminal Psychology, Forensic Science, Murder, Terrorism, Crime Prevention, Victimologi & Psychometric test

Dr. Sharifah Munirah Alatas

Prof . Madya Dr. Mohd. Suhaimi Mohamad

Scope of Work

Mental Health, Community Social Work, Family  Care, Education For Marginalised Group

Prof. Madya Dr. Khadijah Alavi

Scope of Work

Community Education and Human Development, Child Abuse, Elderly Study, Community Development, Abuse and Neglect of children, Care for the Elderly, Skills Development

Dr. Norulhuda Sarnon@Kusenin


High Risk Behavior , Social Work with Individuals and Families, Developmental Psychology.

Dr. Nur Saadah Mohamad Aun

Scope of Work

Social Policy, Social Health Care, Family and Community Care

Dr. Nor Jana Saim

Scope of Work

Social Work and Teenagers, Unwed Mothers/Teenage Pregnancy, Narrative analysis

Dr. Aizan Sofia Amin

Scope of Work

Psychology Counseling, Disability, Social Work

Dr. Russli Kamaruddin

Scope of Work

Islamic Political Thought, Political Philosophy, Al-Ghazali’s political philosophy, Islam and western ideologies

Dr. Ezarina Zakaria

Scope of Work

Social Work & Inter-agencies Practice, Drug Addiction and HIV/AIDS Prevention,   Marginalised Groups and HIV/AIDS Social Impact Study

Dr. Jamaie Hj. Hamil

Scope of Work

Malaysian politics, UMNO

Associate Professor Dr. Azlizan Mat Enh

Dr. Arena Che Kasim

Scope of Work

Islamic Pscyho Spiritual, Ethics and Morality

Dr. Ahmad Ali Seman

Dr. Jamiah Hj. Manap

Scope of Work

Islamic Educational Psychology, Youth, Family & Parenting Empowerment, Religiosity and Integrity

Dr. Rahilah Omar

Dr. Siti Fardaniah Abdul Aziz

Scope of Work

Human Resource Management and Development, Training Motivation and Training Effectiveness Evaluation, Training Needs Assessment in Organization, Training Management and Characteristics, Quantitiative Research and Instrument Development, SPSS and SEM statistical analysis

Dr. Fiona Williamson

Dr. Mohd. Nasir Selamat

Scope of Work

Human Resource Management and Development, Training Motivation and Training Effectiveness Evaluation, Training Needs Assessment in Organization, Training Management and Characteristics

Al-Amril Bin Othman

Encik Azmi Abdul Manaf

Scope of Work

Entrepreneurship and Business

Encik Nik Hairi Omar

Scope of Work

Human Resource Development &Management, Organizational Development and  Industrial Relations

Mahfudzah Mustafa

Scope of Work

Political Science

Mohamad Rodzi Abd. Razak

Zubaidah V.P Hamzah