Faculty of Science and Technology



The Laboratory & Instrumentation Secretariat (SMI) was established in 2018, as a result of the FST restructuring plan. SMI is one of the secretariats in the Faculty of Science and Technology. SMI was created to meet some of the following objectives:

1.To support teaching, learning and research activities in the Faculty of Science and Technology
2. To provide laboratory services to students and researchers, inside and outside the Faculty
3. To provide instrumentation services to students and researchers inside and outside the Faculty
Provide calibration services and facilities inside and outside the Faculty

Services provided include teaching and research laboratories, fieldwork, instrumentation services (spectroscopy, gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, material characterization and electron microscopy) as well as calibration and facilities.


To make laboratory and instrumentation services in the Faculty of Science and Technology to be prominence and provide high quality and customer -friendly laboratory services


Committed to achieving excellence to provide the best laboratory and instrumentation services that emphasize world -class education and research

Secretariats’s committee members consist of three main divisional structures including Teaching Laboratory & Fieldwork Division, Instrumentation Services and Calibration & Facilities


The Laboratory and Fieldwork Division plays an important role in assisting students’ teaching activities involving practicals and fieldwork. In addition, this division is also responsible for managing facilities and equipment as well as laboratory -related activities at the faculty.

This division consists of five units, including Applied Physics, Chemistry , Environmental Science, Biological Science and Mathematics. Each unit also has several sub-units such as Geology, Biochemistry, Nuclear Science unit and others. Each of these units and sub-units is responsible for managing the operation of teaching and research laboratories by field.

The Instrumentation Services Division provides instrumentation services to undergraduate students, post- graduates students and also to researchers.

This section consists of four units including Spectroscopy, Material Characterization andĀ  Chromatography which consists of Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography and Electron Microscopy Unit.

Each of the unit has the role of managing the samplesĀ  for analysis in accordance with a few requirements.





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