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To the inaugural of 1st Multidisciplinary Regional Conference in Science and Technology, a pioneering academic symposium hosted by the Student Council of Faculty of Science and Technology (PMFST). Designed to foster scholarly discourse and collaboration, our conference brings together esteemed participants hailing from diverse STEM backgrounds across Selangor’s prestigious universities, both public and private. With the overarching theme of “Integrating Science and Technology for Sustainable Solutions”.

Our event delves into an array of cutting-edge topics spanning marine science, environmental conservation, geosciences, biological advancements, chemical innovations, engineering breakthroughs, and the frontier of food science and technology.¬†Beyond mere discourse, our conference serves as a pivotal nexus for the exchange of profound insights, the cultivation of collaborative networks, and the cultivation of a new generation of scientific communicators. Embracing the ethos of academic excellence, our event offers a platform for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students to showcase their research prowess through poster presentations, oral elucidations, and innovation exhibitions, all anchored on meticulously curated sub-themes. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey towards shaping the future of STEM innovation and sustainability.

We look forward in welcoming you to MRCST’24


To establish MRCST as a premier platform that ignites innovation, fosters interdisciplinary collaboration, and propels sustainable solutions in science and technology.


To foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation in STEM, empowering future leaders to drive sustainable solutions through research and communication.

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Biotechnology Revolution: Unlocking the Potential for Sustainable Developments

The Future of Work: Science, Technology and Employment in Changing World

"HerStory: Women at the Forefront of Scientific Breakthroughs"

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