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GGPM 2016

No.ResearcherCode AmountTitle
1.Dr. Ramalinggam A/L A.RajamanickamGGPM-2016-03625,000Penilaian Kebolehpercayaan (Reliability) Keterangan Pakar Di Malaysia
2.Dr. Mazliza Bt. MohamadGGPM-2016-03825,000Analysis Of Strata Management Act 2013 With Regards To Strata Management Tribunal In Accordance With Part Xi Of The Strata Management Act 2013.
3.Dr. Hanim Bt. KamaruddinGGPM-2016-07310,000Strengthening the Role, Responsibility and Accountability of Private Sectors in Preventing Haze Pollution and its Transboundary Impacts with a Special reference to Corporate Agribusiness Industry in Malaysia

GGPM 2015

GGPM 2014

GGPM 2013

GGPM 2012

1.PM Dr. Tengku Noor AziraUKM-SPKP-CRIM-PK01-BO0515,000Analisa ke atas Seksyen 24 Akta Kanak-kanak 2001 dari perspektif kuasa pesakit kanak-kanak untuk memberi keizinan kepada rawatan perubatan di Malaysia
2.PM Dr. Ruzian MarkomGGPM-2012-04130,000Renewable Energy Act 2011 and The Feed-Tariff System: An Islamic Legal Analysis

GGPM 2011

1.PM Dr. Salawati Mat BasirUKM-GGPM-CMNB-015-201135,000Globalisasi Dan Isu Tenaga: Ke Arah Kerangka Perundangan Sektor Tenaga Nuklear Di Malaysia
2.Dr. Haniwarda YaakobUKM-GGPM-CMNB-014-201120,000The Right To Sex Selection In Malaysia
3.PM Dr. Suzanna Mohamed IsaGGPM-2011-04630,000Hak Kontraktual Pihak Ketiga: Kajian di Negara-negara ASEAN Terpilih
4.PM Dr. Wan Siti Adibah Wan DahalanGGPM-2011-04335,000Analisis Ancaman Lanun di Perairan Selat Melaka dan Perairan Antarabangsa: Impak dan Peranan Malaysia di Bawah Konvensyen Undang-undang Laut Antarabangsa 1982 (KUULA 1982)
5.PM Dr. Ruzian MarkomUKM-DIPM-044-201110,000Pembiayaan Projek Tenaga Hijau: Satu Analisa Perundangan Islam
6.PM Dr.Wan Siti Adibah Wan DahalanUKM-DIPM-043-201110,000Analisis Perundangan Malaysia Berkaitan Kapal Membawa Muatan Bahan Kimia, Toksik Dan Berbahaya Di Selat Melaka
7.PM Dr. Md. Anowar ZahidUKM-DIPM-052-201110,000Developing An Islamic Perspective Of Corporate Social Responsibilities For Malaysia: Islamic Financial Institutions As A Case Study
8.PM Dr. Rohaida NordinUKM-DIPM-103-201110,000Self-Determination Of The Indigenous People In Asia: Asean Member Countries As Case Studies

GGPM 2010

1.PM Dr. Jady@Zaidi Bin HassimUKM-GGPM-CMNB-009-201022,700The Law and Safety Practice For Cor-Curricular and Sporting Activities in School.
2.PM Dr. Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd NorUKM-GGPM-CMNB-011-201018,000Reservation to Treaties in The Fields of Cultural and Natural Environment
3.Dr. Hanim KamaruddinUKM-GGPMPI-162-201050,000Peatland Fires Form Its Land Use In Malaysia – Reinforcing Regulatory Framework To Prevent Emission Of Particulate Matter (Pm) And Carbon Dioxide (Co2) Into The Atmosphere
4.PM Dr. Jasri JamalUKM-GGPM-CMNB-130-201010,000Teori Al-Qada’ Oleh Imam Al-Marwardi (M.450h/1058): Impaknya Terhadap Sistem Kehakiman Islam Di Malaysia
5.PM Dr. Rohaida NordinUKM-GGPM-CMNB-138-201030,000Self-Determination Of The Indigenous Peoples In Malaysia: Orang Asli In Kampung Bukit Payung, Melaka As A Case Study


Target 17.1 Mobilize resources to improve domestic revenue collection.

Target 17.2 Implement all development assistance commitments.

Target 17.3 Mobilize financial resources for developing countries.

Target 17.4 Assist developing countries in attaining debt sustainability.

Target 17.5 Invest in least-developed countries.

Target 17.6 Knowledge sharing and cooperation for access to science, technology, and innovation.

Target 17.7 Promote sustainable technologies to developing countries.

Target 17.8 Strengthen science, technology, and innovation capacity for least-developed countries.

Target 17.9 Enhanced SDG capacity in developing countries.

Target 17.10 Promote a universal trading system under the WTO.

Target 17.11 Increase the exports of developing countries.

Target 17.12 Remove trade barriers for least-developed countries.

Target 17.13 Enhance global macroeconomic stability.

Target 17.14 Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development.

Target 17.15 Respect national leadership to implement policies for sustainable development.

Target 17.16 Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development.

Target 17.17 Encourage effective partnerships.

Target 17.18 Enhance availability of relable data.

Target 17.19 Further develop measurements of progress.

Target 4.1 Free primary and secondary education.

Target 4.2 Equal access to quality pre-primary education.

Target 4.3 Equal access to affordable technical, vocational and higher education.

Target 4.4 Increase the number of people with relevant skills for financial success.

Target 4.5 Eliminate all discrimination in education.

Target 4.6 Universal literacy and numeracy

Target 4.7 Education for sustainable development and global citizenship

Target 4.a Build and upgrade inclusive and safe schools.

Target 4.b Expand higher education scholarships for developing countries.

Target 4.c Increase the supply of qualified teachers in developing countries.

Target 3.1 Reduce maternal mortality.

Target 3.2 End all preventable deaths under 5 years of age.

Target 3.3 Fight communicable diseases.

Target 3.4 Reduce mortality from non-communicable diseases and promote mental health.

Target 3.5 Prevent and treat substance abuse.

Target 3.6 Reduce road injuries and deaths.

Target 3.7 Universal access to sexual and reproductive care, family planning and education

Target 3.8 Achieve universal health coverage.

Target 3.9 Reduce illnesses and deaths from hazardous chemicals and pollution.

Target 3.a Implement the WHO framework convention on tobacco control.

Target 3.b Support research, development and access to affordable vaccines and medicines.

Target 3.c Increase health financing and support health workforce in developing countries.

Target 3.d Improve early warning systems for global health risks.

Target 9.1 Develop sustainable, resilient and inclusive infrastructures.

Target 9.2 Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization.

Target 9.3 Increase access to financial services and markets.

Target 9.4 Upgrade all industries and infrastructures for sustainability.

Target 9.5 Enhance research and upgrade industrial technologies.

Target 9.a Facilitate sustainable infrastructure development for developing countries.

Target 9.b Support domestic technology development and industrial diversification.

Target 9.c Universal access to information and communications technology.

Target 8.1 Sustainable Economic Growth.

Target 8.2 Diversify, innovate and upgrade for economic productivity.

Target 8.3 Promote policies to support job creation and growing enterprises.

Target 8.4 Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production.

Target 8.5 Full employment and decent work with equal pay.

Target 8.6 Promote youth employment, education and training.

Target 8.7 End modern slavery, trafficking, and child labor.

Target 8.8 Protect labor rights and promote safe working environments.

Target 8.9 Promote beneficial and sustainable tourism.

Target 8.10 Universal access to banking, insurance and financial services

Target 8.a Increase aid for trade support

Target 8.b Develop a global youth employment strategy

Target 6.1 Safe and affordable drinking water.

Target 6.2 End open defecation and provide access to sanitation and hygiene.

Target 6.3 Improve water quality, wastewater treatment and safe reuse.

Target 6.4 Increase water use efficiency and ensure freshwater supplies.

Target 6.5 Implement integrated water resources management.

Target 6.6 Protect and restore water-related ecosystems.

Target 6.a Expand water and sanitation support to developing countries.

Target 6.b Support local engagement in water and sanitation management.

Target 2.1 Universal access to safe, nutritious, and sufficient food.

Target 2.2 End all forms of malnutrition.

Target 2.3 Double the productivity and incomes of small-scale food producers.

Target 2.4 Sustainable food production and resilient agricultural practices.

Target 2.5 Maintain the genetic diversity in food production.

Target 2.a Invest in rural infrastructure, agricultural research, technology and gene banks.

Target 2.b Prevent agricultural trade restrictions, market distortions and export subsidies.

Target 2.c Ensure stable food commodity markets and timely access to information.