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Industry & Community Engagement

Realizing the need for dedicated governance mechanisms to develop strategic academia-industry-community partnerships, the Ministry of Higher Education established a new senior management portfolio in September 2007. This is the portfolio of Deputy Vice-Chancellor for industry and community engagement for Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and later is known as HEJIM (short for Hal Ehwal Jaringan Industri dan Masyarakat). HEJIM provides a focal point for initiatives that develop strategic university-industry-community engagement partnerships which can enhance and support the core business of the university – research, education and service. In October 2009, UKM created a post of Head of Industry and Community Partnerships in each faculty. Among the responsibilities of the HEJIM Head is to manage industrial training programmes, academic staff attachment programmes with the Industry, NGO, government agencies and graduate employability programmes. Also, to manage Industry and Community Engagement Information System (ICEsys).

HEJIM at Faculty of Law (FUU), as part of UKM HEJIM, welcomes strategic partnerships from key players from industry, community, government and non-governmental (ngo) organizations.  HEJIM at Faculty of Law very much welcomes any corporate sponsorships for specific programs at FUU, and also welcomes initiatives to explore other avenues for collaborations between Faculty of Law and corporate sectors.

Members of staff  interested in getting involved  in any societal activity or any activity that requires involvement of the community  need to complete the e-Khidmat form for HEJIM record  and approval.


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