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The Law Faculty, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia was established 33 years ago. The Law Faculty, UKM offers 1 undergraduate program (LLB Hons.) and 4 postgraduate programs, i.e. LLM, PhD, Master of Business Law (MBL) and Masters of Intellectual Property (MIP). In 2017, the Law Faculty has a total of 453 undergraduate students and 257 postgraduate students

The Law Faculty has a full time faculty of 48 members, consisting of 8 Professors, 21 Associate Professors, 12 Senior Lecturers and 7 lecturers. A number of practising lawyers assist in the teaching of professional practice subjects and mock trial training sessions for the final year students.

The Law Faculty takes pride in the program offered, combining both civil and Syariah components. The students are equipped with sufficient legal and professional skills throughout their four year study at UKM, including the compulsory subject of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and various CITRA subjects (liberal subjects). In 2014, the Faculty won the International Space Moot Competition in Paris, France.

The Law Faculty is also known for its excellence in research. The Faculty has 1 Centre of Excellence and 3 other Centres, namely;

  • Centre for International Law and Siyar (CILAS);
  • Centre for Consumerism, Environmental Safety and Public Health;
  • Centre for Wealth Management and Corporate Governance;
  • Centre for Education and Legal Profession (CELPRO)


In order to equip our students will the necessary legal and non-legal skills to face new challenges in the legal practice, the Law Faculty has formed strategic collaboration with the judiciary, Attorney General’s chambers, bar council, state bar committees, legal firms, our alumni and other relevant stakeholders.

The Law Faculty trusts that the strategic partnership with the industry players are crucial to ensure that all the professional courses will meet and exceed the standards aspired by the legal industry. At present, the Law Faculty has signed MoUs and formed collaboration with the following parties and through various initiatives as follows:

The Judiciary – the Law Faculty is the first faculty to sign MoU with the Judiciary to focus on research on judicial system as well as working together towards the setting up of Inns of Court as proposed by the Chief Justice.

KLRCA – for final year students, the Law Faculty is working together with the KLRCA to expose the students on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as arbitration, mediation, and adjudication.

Bar Council member / AG Chambers – the Law Faculty also invited legal practitioners, federal counsels and deputy public prosecutors to train our law students on trial advocacy and litigation practice for both civil and criminal litigation.

Mirandah Asia (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd – the Law Faculty has recently signed LoI with Mirandah Asia. Mirandah Asia will host 4 UKM students for a 10 week Legal Attachment, including 1 week stint in Mirandah Asia Office in 4 ASEAN countries.

Kausar Wealth Management – the Law Faculty with the cooperation of Kausar Wealth Management will be developing modules for professional certification on Islamic wealth management and Chartered Mawarith program.


Raja Aziz Addruse’s Collection – UKM Law Library

Razali Students Lounge

Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal for 2nd Moot Court

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