Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, UKM

 Mengilham Harapan, Mencipta Masa Depan

High School Enrichment Programme 2022


Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, UKM also known as Malaysia National Gifted Centre, is located within the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia campus in Bangi, Selangor. Every June and September, this centre through its Enrichment Unit organises the High School Enrichment Programme (HSEP) aiming to meet students’ learning needs and to further enrich their learning experience, particularly in Science, Technology,
Engineering & Mathematics (STEM).

HSEP helps students develop their potential and become critical thinkers who are creative in innovative activities. It provides a holistic learning experience for students to explore academic programmes beyond the school curriculum. It also offers opportunities for students to build network with one another and participate in learning activities that challenge their cognitive capabilities and offers them the opportunities to build networks with each other. Throughout the two-week programme, students will be assisted with psychological supports from registered counsellors, instructors, teaching assistants, and residential assistants.

Malaysian students can join the camp during school holidays in June and September, and special arrangements can be made for international students who are interested to take part. There are four (4) STEM enrichment courses offered to students aged 13 to 16 years old. They are allowed to choose one (1) course according to their age group and they will be guided by instructors and teaching assistants throughout the two-week camp. In addition, residential assistants will be assigned to help them adjust to the camp routines.

HSEP has a low instructor-to-student ratio (1:5). This enables instructors and teaching assistants to give more attention to each student. The academic activities, scheduled from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm involve lectures, small group discussions, lab work, students’ presentations, visits to labs and research institutes as well as talks by experts.

In addition, students will also be exposed to non-academic events throughout the camp, such as sports and recreational activities, arts and crafts, motivational movies, public speaking, and leadership activities. These non-academic events are scheduled from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm and students will have breaks in between. Academic preparation will take place between 8.00 pm and 10.00 pm. Students are encouraged to revise their work and prepare for their next class during these hours before lights out at 11.00 pm.

Two weeks accommodation will be provided at Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, UKM campus. Special meals (e.g., vegetarian food) can be prepared for students upon request. For security reason, students are not encouraged to bring their own laptop. However, they are allowed to bring their mobile phone but with limited usage.

Our Courses

F1 in Schools

Automotive is one of the largest industries in the world. In order to achieve optimum efficiency, automotive design and manufacturing play an important role. Automotive sector including design, powertrain, high speed and performance. In order to nurturing young engineer talent, STEM competition base on Formula 1 competition have been introduced worldwide. In this course, an automotive design and engineering base on F1 in Schools competition in order to encourages participants to explore all areas of the curriculum whilst designing, making testing and racing a miniature car powered by compressed air. Participants then use their understanding of the science of speed to design an efficient bodyshell. Series of testing and modifying of designs is needed to finally produce best miniature car that will be test base on fastest speed and engineering knowledge.


This course is designed to provide participants with vital information in the field of robotics as well as to improve their competitiveness in related sectors. This training covers both theoretical and practical topics. Participants will be exposed to the many types of robots, robot parts, robotics laws and morals, robotics professions, and challenges and solutions to upcoming concerns in the field of robotics as part of the hypothesis. The practical section is meant to provide participants with basic knowledge on how to construct and programed robots in order to pique their curiosity. Participants will be exposed to the fundamentals of electronics, electronic components, basic circuit construction, and electronic circuit programming. Participants will also construct and programed a rudimentary robot. To fortify the participants' understanding, participants are expected to perform unique errands that are not set in stone to test and examine the robots and programming that have been assembled

DNA Barcoding

This course was designed to provide students to exposed to DNA Barcoding tool, to identify the species of insects. Students were allowed to catch their insect of interest from the school compound as a sample of their research. Students got chance to extract the insect’s DNA, multiply the DNA through polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technique and detection of their DNA through gel electrophoresis.


This course was designed to provide students with the opportunities to discover and understand astronomy and astrophysics through both theoretical and practical/observational approaches. Throughout the course, the student will be exposed to the fundamental knowledge of celestial objects and how astronomers or astrophysicists observed and obtained the data. Students can also experience how astronomers and astrophysicists work through student projects which require them to utilize the skills they have learned. At the end of the course, students not only learn in-depth about stars but they can also experience how scientists or astrophysicists work firsthand.