Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, UKM

 Mengilham Harapan, Mencipta Masa Depan

International Future Scientist Conference (iFSC) 2020

Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

24 – 25 November 2020

Theme: “Connecting Enviroment Through Research



This conference encourages collaboration and exchange of knowledge and research experiences among young researchers. Through exploration, discussion, and presentation, these young researchers are able to discover new dimensions and insights in research and uncover cutting edge technology that will spark deeper into their research interest. The theme ‘Research is the shooting star’ magnifies the dream of any young researchers; to go further, pushing their potential to the fullest, beyond their dreams!


  • To provide platform for students to enhance their understanding and skills in research and innovation
  • To improve students’ verbal fluency and boost their confidence through presentation
  • To develop researchers who practice integrity in conducting research
  • To provide platforms for teachers, educators, and mentors to build networks among experts and in various fields and specialization.
  • To provide teachers and mentors basic understanding about the Gifted and Talented education through workshops and discussions.


  • Fundamental Sciences:
    • Biology, Botany, Zoology, Genetics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, Geology, Paleontology, Oceanography, Meteorology and Petrology, Human Biology and other related fields.
  • Applied and Computational Sciences:
    • Engineering Mathematics, Technology, Medical Microbiology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Epidemiology, Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Architecture, Biofacts and Cultural Landscapes, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Network Security, Industrial Internet, Industrial Cloud Computing, Industrial Big Data, 3D Printing, Computing Technology, Electronics, Energy Technology, Environmental Engineering Science, Engineering Technology, Food Science, Forensic Science, Microtechnology, Nanotechnology, Nuclear Technology, Security Engineering, Software Engineering and other related fields.
  • Social Science:
    • Psychology, Sociology, Language, Anthropology, Archaeology, Business, Administration, Communication, Criminology, Economics, Education, International Relations, Political Science, Geography, History, Law and other related fields.


Keynote speaker



Program Schedule


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Paper Submission Guidelines


Paper must be written in the English Language in order to be published in the proceeding.

 Submission of Abstract

Submit abstract in less than 250 words to the ifscukm2020@gmail.com before the dateline. Please use Microsoft Word template for the abstract. Download abstract template from here.

Submission of Full Paper

The full paper should include introduction, literature review, methodology, results/findings & discussion, conclusion, and references. Full paper must not exceed 10 pages including references. Submit full paper to the ifscukm2020@gmail.com before the dateline. Please use Microsoft Word template for the full paper. Download full paper format from here.

* Paper submission, which does not adhere to the guidelines and dateline will not be accepted for publication.


Brosur iFSC 2020

Poster Presentation Guidelines

All posters must be written in the English Language and must have the followings:

•          Title

•          Introduction

•          Objective/hypothesis

•          Methodology

•          Result/finding

•          Conclusion

The poster should not be more than 594mm X 841mm (A1 size).

Download the poster’s template.


Registration Fees

International USD 700
Local RM 800

* Maximum 3 students and 1 teacher.

* Fees include food and conference materials only.


Method of Payment

Paying by Cash, Lo or by Local Cheque.

  • For information on how to pay by cash, Local Order (LO), or by Local Cheque, please get in touch with:
    • Office of Busary, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 43600 Bangi, Selangor, Malaysia. Email: bendahari@ukm.edu.my. Telephone number: 03-8921 3000

Transfer Money/Bank In

  • Account Number : 98945110101000 (CIMB BANK) UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA

Important Notes :

  • Payment should be made to : UNIVERSITI KEBANGSAAN MALAYSIA
  • Please send the scanned recipt
  • After payment has been made, please forward proof of payment (copy of bankin/transfer receipt) to the conference secretariat by email to fsc@ukm.edu.my or fax to 03-8921 7525.

For more inquiry, please contact:

Team Secretariat
  • +6019 467 4402 (Mr. Mohd Saifun Aznin Mohd Shariff)
  • +6012 370 2856 (Mr. Mohd Fadzil Kamarudin)
  • +6012 222 6474  (Mrs. Fairuz Adlidna Badrol Hissam)
  • +6013 972 6530 (Mrs. Hawa Aqilah Hamuzan)
  • +6013 212 4695 (Mrs. Che Suriani Kiflee)
  • +6018 244 1320 (Mrs. Afifah Mohamad Radzi)

Team Abstract and Full Paper

  • +6014 843 7597 (Dr. Nor Farhah)
  • +6017 298 6438 (Dr. Chin Siew Xian)
  • +6012 787 6995 (Dr Teh Chin Heong)