Rahazimah Abu Bakar Sadiqin

RahazimahRahazimah was born on 10th May 1998 in Alor Setar, Kedah to  Mr Abu Bakar Sadiqin, father and Mrs Suhaila Fatimah binti Abdullah@Estella Josephine Roman, mother.  Rahazimah is currently a Level II student studying in PERMATApintar High School Programme, and and is expected to graduate in  2014. Rahazimah, who first  enrolled in PERMATApintar High School programme on 21th January 2013,  has participated in National and International Competition, and has recently been offered admission to a top ranking US University.  Four of Rahazimah’s greatest accomplishments while studying at PERMATApintar are as follows;

    1. She was selected  to participate in the Tournament of Champions of Yale University, USA,  
    2. She won a medal during the Malaysia round at World Scholar’s Cup 2013 (Global Round in Dubai)
    3. She won a Gold Medal and an award for the  Top 3 Best Posters in National Scientist Conference 2014 (National)
    4. She was short listed as a Quarter Finalist and Top 50 Best Speakers in Lim Kok Wing International Debate Championship 2014 nternational)
    5. She was awarded as Verbal Recommendation (ASEAN Social & Humanitarian Council) at Dunman High Model ASEAN Plus Summit (DHAP 2014)-Singapore (International)

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