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Pusat GENIUS@Pintar Negara, UKM

Unit ASASIpintar

Prof. Madya Dr. Rorlinda binti Yusof

Field: Counselling, Gifted and Talented Education


Dr. Nor Sakinah binti Mohamad

Dr. Ikhwan bin Zakaria

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Field : Forensic Entomology

Dr. Nor Azah binti Nik Jaafar

Bidang : Sains Bahan

Dr. Chin Siew Xian

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Field : Finechemicals from Lognocelulosic Biomass/ Pretreatment of Biomass/ Nanomaterial/ Catalysts

Dr Normahirah Binti Nek Abd Rahman

  • 03-89217517

Field : Mathematical Cryptography, Number Theoretical Cryptography & Cryptanalysis and Public Key Cryptography

To’ Puan Dr. Tengku Elmi Azlina Tengku Muda

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Bidang : Bimbingan dan Kaunseling/ Kepimpinan/ Kecerdasan Emosi dan Kepuasan Kerja

Dr. Wan Rezawana binti Wan Daud

Encik Salleh Huddin bin Abdul Rashid

  • 03-89217551

Dr. Azizah binti Mohd Zahidi

  • 03-89217545

Field : TESL, Teaching and Learning for Gifted Students

Dr. Ikhwan bin Zakaria

Field : Forensic Entomology

Dr. Faieza binti Samat

  • 03-89217558

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Field : Numerical Analysis

Dr. You Huay Woon

  • 03-89217541

Field: Statistical Quality Control, Applied Statistic

Dr Teh Chin Hoong

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Field : Chemistry, Materials Science

Research Area : Polymer, Organic Synthesis, Solar Cell Materials

Dr. Nor Farhah binti Razak

  • 0389217570

Pensyarah Universiti DS51

Field : Photonics/ Applied Optics/ Fiber Optics/ Fiber Laser

Dr. Siew Ee ling

Scope of Work

Genetic Toxicology, Mechanistic Toxicology, Environmental Toxicology, Nanotoxicology, Microbiology, Cell Culture & Mode of Cell Death.

Encik Munzir bin Zainuddin

Pegawai Tadbir 48