• Sharing Perspectives on Malaysia

  • Towards a More Nuanced Understanding of Malaysia


Towards a richer & more nuanced understanding of Malaysia with a positively balanced narrative at the international level

Malaysian Studies

How Malaysian Studies can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of Malaysia


GMSN@KITA is a programme by the Institute of Ethnic Studies (KITA) at National University of Malaysia (UKM). Our vision is for a more nuanced and balanced understanding of Malaysia through evidence based scholarship and collaboration.

GMSN functions as a platform for the many voices on Malaysia; for them to share and debate on a wide range of issues in the country.

It is a collaborative network made up of academic institutions and civil societies both locally and internationally. Through sharing resources partners of GMSN can tap to a wider pool of resources, tools and expertise in order to tackle issues of our time.

Being a network hub, GMSN@KITA aims to provide mechanisms for experts to interact and pool their expertise and resources together.

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