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Associate. Professor Dr. Emma Mohamad



Emma has 17 years of experience as an academic and a health communication researcher. She is passionate to explore how communication can be utilized as tools to nurture positive health behaviors and strongly believes in the importance of health literacy to empower society in making informed health decisions. She is currently involved with drafting the National Health Literacy Policy under the Malaysia 12th Plan (2021-2025) with the Ministry of Health. Emma enjoys learning freestyle jumprope tricks and is active as a social media influencer in the Malaysia Jumprope Community. You may want to check out her skills on Instagram by following @emma.jumprope.

'I do not work on the weekend because that is my ME time'.

Dr. Arina Anis Azlan


Deputy Director

Anis expertise covered around health communication, information management & communication behaviour.

‘I study how people interact with the health information presented to them, how this influences their reactions and how they use this information in their future behaviours (health behaviours and communicative behaviours). Understanding how people respond to health information and communications can help us encourage impactful and sustainable behaviour change’.

During Dr. Anis spare times she love to exercise such as yoga and strength training.

‘To be blessed with good health is to have the time and space to enjoy life,

be present for your loved ones and give back or support your community in

meaningful ways’.

Dr. Shamsiah Abd Kadir



Aliff Ahmad

Project Manager

With 10 years of experience within business industry from

various industries, Aliff skills covered from the aspect of financial,

management and operational that leads to crucial decision making that responsible for business growth.

‘I am extremely excited on taking this whole new challenge to make HEALTHCOMM sustained and at the same time giving back to the communities’.

During Aliff spare times, he loved to be outdoor mainly on hiking and


‘Health is something that we always take for granted especially in the early

life. Here are my 2 cents, always start early to look after yourself and your

loved ones’.

Tri Sakti

Research Assistant

Sakti is a junior communication researcher who has studied the field within his recent 8 years. He is now serving as Graduate Research Assistant in this center and his current research covering about education delivery among mid-to-low income primary school during new norms. Working in this centre makes him more interested to study the importance of communication for behavioural change as the key tools to modify public’s intention, especially to perform health behaviour. During his free times, he loves to exercise and watching movies. To be more physically healthy, Sakti tries to adapt healthy diet by reducing sugar intake, eating cut fruit regularly in the morning, and not having dinner after 7pm. He also run and plays ping pong at least twice a week.

"Health (physically and mentally) is a real wealth. Rich man who is sick is actually poor man with a lot of money.”

Siti Zaiton Mohd Ajis

Research Assistant

Siti Zuraidah Abd. Rahman


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