i-SIHAT 2022

 Embracing Resilience in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Health Sciences to the Forefront

Instruction for presenters

Preparing your abstract

  1. Abstracts should be in English, with a maximum of 250 words. 
  2. Title should be in title case, 14-point font and bold. 
  3. Please use single spacing and Times New Roman, 12-point font. 
  4. Minimize the use of abbreviations and DO NOT cite references, figures or tables. 
  5. All abstracts should be formatted as a single paragraph in a block format. 
  6. Please include a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 keywords. 

Download  i-SIHAT 2022_Abstract template for your abstract preparation.


Deadline of the abstract submission (e-POSTER) is on the 22 July 2022

Guidelines for oral and poster presentation

After receiving confirmation of abstract acceptance which will be between 25~29th July 2022, the presenters should prepare for their virtual presentation. We will be using Webex platform for oral presentations (including keynote, plenary, symposia and oral papers) and also for poster presentations.

Instruction for Oral Presentation

The conference will run on 24-25th Aug 2022 in parallel sessions (see Program) chaired with live introductions and Q&A.

Duration for each category of oral presentation are listed below:

  1. Keynote Talks are scheduled for 45 minutes (including 5 minutes of Q&A)
  2. Plenary Talks are scheduled for 30 minutes (including 5 minutes of Q&A)
  3. Invited Symposium Talks are scheduled for 25 minutes (including 5 minutes of Q&A)
  4. Oral Presenters Talks are scheduled for 10 minutes (including 3 minutes of Q&A).
  5. Young Investigator Award presenters are scheduled for 15 minutes (including 3 minutes of Q&A).

Plenary, Keynote and Invited Symposia speakers will be given the choice to give live presentation or pre-record video.      The conference committee will provide further instructions to the speakers regarding pre-record video upload. Deadline for uploading      for the speakers will be 15th Aug 2022.    

All oral papers and Young Investigator Award presenters will have to submit pre-recorded video. Deadline for uploading       will be on 8th Aug 2022.           

All these video files are to be uploaded to a designated repository (to be determined later). The committee will keep in touch about the platform to submit the recordings.

Except for the above duration constraints, the form of the presentation is flexible. There is not a specific template for presentations and participants can adopt any of their preference (although please be sure the video includes the title of the paper, the authors, and mention to the conference title, and the webcam of the presenter at any corner of the video. A video without the presenter seen on the video will not be accepted. Recommended slides depend on the time of the category of oral presentation.

Instruction for Poster Presentation

Virtual posters must have two components: a PDF poster, and a short video description.

Posters should be created in the same format as would be used on-site and saved as a PDF (A0 size). It should be one-page PDF to be shown on Zoom or Power Point video or any other suitable video making software.

The video should capture the presenter explaining the poster in 3 minutes. The video is designed for the judge to watch you present as if you were at an in-person poster session.

You can create your poster using PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, or any other appropriate program. Poster and the accompanying video presentation will be viewed by the judges before the event. There will be no live Q&A session for poster presenters.

The PDF poster and the accompanying video should be submitted to the Committee by 8th Aug 2022.    


Instructions for Recording

The easiest way to prepare your presentation video will be to subscribe to the free version of Zoom and use it to record your presentation video. Alternatively, you can use PowerPoint recording and Save As to MP4. Please check the recording for quality and understandability, and for timing, as it needs to fit into the specified duration. The presenters are free to choose preference of video recording software. Don’t forget to save your file in the best format. 

Here are links for video showing as how to record an oral presentation with Power Point or Zoom:

  1. How to Make a Video in PowerPoint – ppt to video


  1. How to record a presentation using zoom


  1. How to make a poster presentation video


Further instruction on video and e-poster upload on designated repository platform, and the file labelling will be given by the Committee through email