Surface Profiler

Brand : Veeco
Model : Dektak 150
Range of Thickness : Micrometer to Nanometers

The Dektak 150 is a stylus (contact) profilometer, that is used to measure
height differences (steps) on samples. This system operates by the stylus
physically contacting the sample surface and moving the stage front to
back (e.g. the stylus is held statically in place) to measure changes in surface

Key features and specifications of the Dektak 150 are:

  • Vertical range of 1024 um
  • Stylus radius of 2.5 um
  • Stylus force range 1-15 mg (1-5 mg allowed)
  • Single scan direction (stage moves front to back)
  • Three dimensional scans
  • Stress measurements
  • The sample stage is round and can only be rotated manually while
    the stage is in the unload position


• Determining the thickness of a sample
• Obtaining the topography map of a sample
• Measuring the roughness of a sample
• Inspecting micro abrasions and erosions occurred on sample
• Determining the deformation and recovery of a sample after stress test
Sample Requirements
• Solid
• Thin Film

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