Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)

Brand : Talos L120C
Resolution : 0.2 nm @ 120kV
Magnification : 35x – 910x

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) is a major analytical method in the physical, chemical and biological sciences which allows imaging of the internal structure of samples such as biological, medical, material etc, up to magnifications of 600,000x. It produces morphological information and transmitted images of ultra-thinned sample up to sub-Ångström resolution. Other than morphological information, elemental and crystallography information can also be determined from TEM. In general, a TEM can:

  • Capture image morphology of samples, e.g. view sections of material, fine powders suspended on a thin film, small whole organisms such as viruses or bacteria, and frozen solutions.
  • Tilt a sample and collect a series of images to construct a 3-dimensional image.
  • Analyser the composition and some bonding differences (through contrast and by using spectroscopy techniques: microanalysis and electron energy loss).
  • Physically manipulate samples while viewing them, such as indent or compress them to measure mechanical properties (only when holders specialised for these techniques are available).
  • Generate characteristic X-rays from samples for microanalysis.
  • Acquire electron diffraction patterns (using the physics of Bragg Diffraction).
  • Perform electron energy loss spectroscopy of the beam passing through a sample to determine sample composition or the bonding states of atoms in the sample.


The applications of TEM include:
• provide topographical, morphological, compositional and crystalline information.
• view samples at a molecular level, making it possible to analyse structure and texture.
• semiconductor analysis and production and the manufacturing of computer and silicon chips.
• identify flaws, fractures and damages to micro-sized objects; this data can help fix problems and/or help to make a more durable, efficient product.
Sample Requirements
• Powder
• Films
• Solid
• Dry

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