Centre for IDEA UKM



The planning of establishment Centre of IDEA-UKM or IDEA-UKM with acronym INNOVATIVE, DYNAMIC, EFFICIENT and ACCOUNTABILITY was approved in the MPU Meeting No. 9/2017 on 8 August 2017. The centre was inaugurated on 20 November 2017 by the YB Minister of Higher Education during the launching of International Integrated Conference (UKM-IIC). One of the main functions of the establishment of the Centre of IDEA-UKM is to mobilize the multidisciplinary research ideas and to find a solution to challenges facing by the country.

IDEA UKM pada mulanya bergerak dengan 7 Cabaran Perdana yang disokong oleh sejumlah kumpulan penyelidikan dari PTJ yang bernaung bawah teras penyelidikan yang berkaitan. Setiap Cabaran Perdana dipimpin oleh penyelidik-penyelidik tersohor sebagai peneraju.

To mobilize cross-disciplinary research ideas, Centre of IDEA UKM has also held a roadshow program to all faculties and institutes to explain the function and role of IDEA UKM as well as further clarify the concept of National Challenge among researchers. During the 2 years of the National Challenge introduced, IDEA UKM has offered a total of 127 research projects with a total fund of RM11.5 million excluding contributions of RM1.2 million from stakeholders.

To further boost cross-disciplinary interaction between researchers, Centre of IDEA UKM has held eight programs for researchers with various interesting themes. Among the themes that have been organized are Water, Oil Palm, ASEAN and STEM For the Community. This program has not only attracted participation from inside and outside UKM.

Dengan semangat baru tahun 2020, IDEA UKM telah memperkenalkan Kluster Penyelidikan bagi meneraju penyelidikan multidisiplin UKM. Kluster Penyelidikan ini wujud berteraskan Nic Penyelidikan UKM, Cabaran Perdana, Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda Global 2030-SDGs, World Economic Forum, ASEAN Forging Forward 2025, Rancangan Malaysia ke-11, Wawasan Kemakmuran Bersama dan Malaysian Urban Forum. Terdapat 5 Kluster Penyelidikan yang setiap satunya diketuai oleh Peneraju Kluster

In addition to being a reference expert, the Research Cluster is also tasked to design strategies and strengthen the UKM research ecosystem in a more orderly, efficient and systematic manner. In addition, this Research Cluster will also enhance and strengthen collaborative relationships in domestic and foreign research through benchmarking programs with renowned universities. All this will only be achieved with the strong involvement and support of all UKM researchers, including seniors and young researchers.