Mohd Farhanulhakim Mohd Razip Wee

Junior Research Fellow

Phone : +60389118565, +6074 344833
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Master of Engineering in Material Science (Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Materiaux) 2009- 2012
General Subjects: Metallurgy, thermodynamics, Physics of semiconductor, Project Management
University Lille 1, Lille, France

Master of Research in Micro and Nano Technology 2011- 2012
General Subjects: microelectronic, Nano characterization, Technology of semiconductor
Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Nantes, France

Degree in material science (Diplôme Universitaire en Technologie en Materiaux) 2007-2009
2 years course with a technical specialization in material (polymers, composites and ceramics)
Institut Universitaire de Technologie de Angoulême, Angoulême, France
Diplôme d’études Françaises et Formation des Sciences et Mathématiques 2005


  1. Institut Electronic and Micro Nano technology(IEMN), Lille, France
    Internship as Engineer April – August 2012
  2. Fabrications and characterization of 50 nm self –aligned Metal oxide semiconductor
    field effect transistor (MOSFET) based from InGaAs for high frequency application
  3. Working in clean room environment especially UV lithography, Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, – Observation with Scanning electron microscope (SEM)
  4. Static measurement of transistor’s parameters such as the transconductance, sub threshold slope,
  5. Hyper frequency measurement by vector network analyzer to evaluate dynamic properties of transistor like frequency maximum, the current gain and the transition’s frequency
  6. Fabrication of MOS capacitor to evaluate the quality of oxide deposited by method capacitance-voltage by measuring the interface trapped charge .
  7. Centre de ressources technologiques en chimie (CERTECH), Seneffe, Belgium
    Internship as Engineer assistant April –July 2011
  8. Studies of formulation and determination of mechanical properties of bio composite from PVC-hemp using polymer’s extrusion for construction’s application
  9. Determination of chemical composition with the additives to modify the structure and properties – Processing hemp fiber from raw material by using extruder to be integrated in the mixture
  10. Mechanical test like traction, bending and impact resistance and observation on fracture interface.
  11. Laboratoire matériaux et procédés associes(LGMPA), Nantes, France
    Internship as Engineer assistant February – April 2009
  12. Studies of specification and qualification of welding procedures for Metallic materials- welding procedure test (ISO 15614-1)
  13. Identification welding methods and the defects on the sample according to ISO standard – – Sample preparation before destructive and non destructive test
    Determination of mechanical properties of welding sample according to ISO standard
    PPG Sigma Kolon, Shah Alam, Malaysia
    Internship as general worker July – August 2008
    Studies of coating’s manufacturing and production
    Product labeling and inventory, updating the raw material database