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 Institute of Microengineering and Nanoelectronics

Dual Degree Program


Dual Degree MSc/PhD Scholarship Research Program between Malaysia and Taiwan

UKM-NYCU dual degree program is a newly established MSc/Ph.D. research-based program in 2020. We seek candidates to fill full-time MSc / Ph.D. research positions in developing a Gallium Nitride-based Device / BioSensor. The candidate will work on the deposition (fabrication) of Gallium Nitride based materials (electronic devices and sensors) and nanostructured material synthesis and application.

This Joint-supervision MSc/Ph.D. research program is open to all Malaysian citizens who have completed their undergraduate (BSc) or postgraduate study (MSc). Candidates with excellent academic results are entitled to MSc/Ph.D. GRA scheme/ scholarship. A student enrolled in this dual-degree program will be under co‑supervision between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and National Yang-Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU) in Taiwan. The student must complete most of the research work at NYCU, Taiwan.

The dual degree MSc/Ph.D. research program student must pay admission, tuition, and other academic fees at the home university to keep the student status. The host university will waive fees for entrance examinations, admission, and tuition fees for students from the home university. Merit-based scholarships and awards are available for selected students while conducting research in Taiwan.

After completing research work, the student will only need to submit a single dissertation written in full in one language (English). The final examination shall be conducted in English (including oral defense and examinations of the thesis); the oral defense will take place at either NYCU or UKM under a joint organized thesis committee from two institutions.

The student who has completed the study under this program will be awarded two degrees separately from UKM (Malaysia) and NYCU (Taiwan).


  • The student must routinely conduct lab experiments, simulations, and analyses.
  • Students must use specific facts and results from experiments & simulations and adequately document the information for publication releases.
  • The student must also interpret the obtained research results, efficiently independently organize their tasks, and pose new research inquiries.
  • The student may also be assigned to prepare materials needed for research proposals, seminars, and conferences.
  • The student may also lead a group of less experienced research personnel.
  • Any other developmental or administrative duties as deemed necessary by the organization


• Applicants must be Malaysian and will have at least a good BSc/BEng degree or equivalent degree from a recognized university in Electrical/Electronic, Material Science, Physics, Chemistry, or a related discipline.

• Applicants must have a research interest in nanomaterials, nanostructures, and compound semiconductors

• Applicant is expected to demonstrate dedicated and independent research ability throughout the project.

• Effective interpersonal communication skills

• Strong writing and presentation skills in English.


Period of Study

  • DMD: at least 2 years in total; including a minimal stay at UKM for 1 semester, and registered at NYCU in this program for at least 2 semesters. Complete at least 1 semester of study at the Home institute prior to starting to study in the Host institute. The whole study period shall not exceed 4 years.
  • DD: at least 3 years in total; including a minimal stay at UKM for 2 semester, and registered at NYCU in this program for at least 4 semesters. Complete at least 2 semester of study at the Home institute prior to starting to study in the Host institute. The whole study period shall not exceed 7 years.


Application Procedures

  • Application Form Submission
    1. Please complete the Application form and the Consent letter below.
    2. Applicants submit the application form (word file + pdf file), the signed consent letter from NYCU co-supervisor and CV to
      1. ICST official email:
      2. Host supervisor email
      3. Home supervisor email
      4. Under the Title: Application for UKM Dual Degree_Name.
    3. After all documents are reviewed and accepted with the College, ICST will send “Confirmation Letter” to applicants.
  • Online application
    Students with the Confirmation Letter to UKM Dual Degree Program can submit online application on the website of Office of International affairs at NYCU (OIA)

    1. Please apply through the website of OIA.
      Dual Degree Students 
       Online Application System
    2. Choose the program: “International College of Semiconductor Technology”.
    3. Prepare all required document accordingly and confirm all required signatures.
    4. Upload all documents to our online application system before the specified deadline. Late and incomplete application will not be considered.


Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Application Period
December 20 – March 15
August 10 – September 30
Course Begins



other information can be found in:

  1. National University of Malaysia (UKM) – 陽明交通大學國際半導體產業學院 (
  2. Master Microengineering and Nanoelectronic – Official Portal of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (
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