Jurnal 2014

TajukNama PengarangTahun Terbitan
A Compact 5.5 GHz Band-Rejected UWB Antenna Using Complementary Split Ring Resonators The Scientific World JournalM. M. Islam, M. R. I. Faruque, and M. T. Islam2014
A Double Inverted F-Shape Patch Antenna for Dual-Band OperationM. M. Islam, M. R. I. Faruque, W. Hueyshin, J. S. Mandeep, and T. Islam2014
A Dual Band Slotted Patch Antenna on Dielectric Material SubstrateM Habib Ullah, MT Islam, MR Ahsan, JS Mandeep, N Misran 2014
A ROM-Less Direct Digital Frequency Synthesizer Based on Hybrid Polynomial ApproximationQ. K. Omran, M. T. Islam, N. Misran, M. R. I. Faruque2014
A case-crossover analysis of forest fire haze events and mortality in MalaysiaMazrura Sahani, Nurul Ashikin Zainon, Wan Rozita Wan Mahiyuddin, Mohd talib Latif, Rozita Hod, Md Firoz Khan, Norhayati Mohd Tahir, Chang-Chuan Chan2014
Analysis distribution of galactic cosmic rays particle energy with polar orbit satellite for Geant4 applicationWayan Suparta, W S Putro2014
Assessment of specific absorption rate reduction in human head using metamaterialMohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque, Mohammad Tariqul Islam and Nik Abdullah Nik Mohamed2014
Compact Modified Swastika Shape Patch Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX ApplicationsM. Samsuzzaman, T. Islam, N. H. Abd Rahman, M. R. I. Faruque, and J. S.Mandeep 2014
Composition of heavy metals in indoor dust and their possible exposure: a case study of preschool children in MalaysiaMohd Talib Latif, Saw Mei Yong, Azlina Saad, Noorlin Mohamad, Nor Hafizah Baharudin, Mazlin Bin Mokhtar, Norhayati Mohd Tahir2014
Coplanar waveguide fed compact wide circular-slotted antenna for Wi-Fi/WiMAX applicationsM. Samsuzzaman, T. Islam, N. H. Abd Rahman, M. R. I. Faruque, and J. S.Mandeep2014
Correlation of core field polarity of magnetotail flux ropes with the IMF By: Reconnection guide field dependencyW.-L. Teh, R. Nakamura, H. Karimabadi, W. Baumjohann, and T. L. Zhang2014
Design and Optimization of LTE 1800 MIMO AntennaHuey Shin Wong, Mohammad Tariqul Islam and Salehin Kibria2014
Development of a Semielliptical Partial Ground Plane Antenna for RFID and GSM-900M. R. Zaman, R. Azim, N. Misran, M. F. Asillam, and T. Islam2014
Distribution of surfactants along the estuarine area of Selangor River, MalaysiaMurad Ali Alsalahi, Mohd Talib Latif, Masni Mohd Ali, Sami Muhsen Magam, Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid, Md Firoz Khan, Suhaimi Suratman2014
Dual Band-Notch UWB Antenna With Single Tri-Arm ResonatorRezaul Azim, Mohammad Tariqul Islam and Ahmed Toaha Mobashsher2014
Effect of Parasitic Element on 408 MHz Antenna for Radio Astronomy ApplicationRadial Anwar, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Norbahiah Misran, Geri Gopir, Baharudin Yatim and Mhd Fairos Asillam2014
Feature extraction using Hough transform for solid waste bin level detection and classificationM A Hannan, W. A. Zaila, M. Arebey, R. A. Begum, H. Basri2014
Forecasting the Earth`s Trapped Particle Distribution Using Hierarchical Bayesian Spatio Temporal ModelWayan Suparta, Gusrizal2014
Household Food Insecurity, nutritional outcome and coping strategies: Evidence from MalaysiaChamhuri Siwar, Ferdoushi Ahmed, Rawsyan Ara Begum2014
Impacts of and Adaptations to Sea Level Rise in MalaysiaMd. Sujahangir Kabir Sarkar, Rawshan Ara Begum, Joy Jacqueline Pereira, Abdul Hamid Jaafar and M. Yusof Saari2014
Investigation of a planar antenna with bandwidth enhancement for x-band applicationsM. R. I. Faruque, M. M. Islam, and M. T. Islam2014
Long term assessment of air quality from a background station on the Malaysian PeninsulaMohd Talib Latif, Doreena Dominick, Fatimah Ahamad, Md Firoz Khan, Liew Juneng, Firdaus Mohamad Hamzah, Mohd Shahrul Mohd Nadzir2014
Microstrip Antenna Design for Femtocell Coverage OptimizationAfaz Uddin Ahmed, M. T. Islam, Rezaul Azim, Mahamod Ismail and Mohd Fais Mansor2014
Multiband Patch Antenna for Femtocell ApplicationM. R. Zaman, Afaz Uddin Ahmed, Rezaul Azim, Huda Abdullah, Mohd Tarmizi Ali and M. T. Islam2014
New Compact Dual-Band Circularly Polarized Universal RFID Reader Antenna Using Ramped Convergence Particle Swarm OptimizationSalehin Kibria, Mohammad Tariqul Islam and Baharuddin Yatim2014
Sensing the upper and lower levels of the atmosphere during the 2009 equinoxes using GPS measurementsWayan Suparta2014
Source apportionment of surfactants in marine aerosols at different locations along the Malacca StraitsNur Ili Hamizah Mustaffa, Mohd Talib Latif, Masni Mohd Ali, Md Firoz Khan2014
Spatial Analysis of Galactic Cosmic Ray Particles in Low Earth Orbit/Near Equator Orbit Using SPENVISW Suparta, S K Zulkeple2014
Surface Ozone Trend in Major Rice Growing Areas in MalaysiaMarzuki Ismail, Azrin Suroto, Nurul Ain Ismail, Mohd Talib Latif2014
Surfactants in the sea-surface microlayer and atmospheric aerosol around the southern region of Peninsular MalaysiaShoffian Amin Jaafar, Mohd Talib Latif, Chong Woan Chian, Wong Sook Han, Nurul Bahiyah Abd Wahid, Intan Suraya Razak, Md Firoz Khan, Norhayati Mohd Tahir2014
The Design and Analysis of a Novel Split-H-Shaped Metamaterial for Multi-Band Microwave ApplicationSikder Sunbeam Islam, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Faruque ,Mohammad Tariqul Islam2014
The development of GPS TroWav tool for atmospheric terrestrial studiesWayan Suparta2014
Triple Frequency Fractal Patch Structure Antenna for C Band ApplicationsM. Samsuzzaman, M.T. Islam and M.R.I. Faruque2014
Water resources in Malaysia: Issues and challengesFerdoushi Ahmed, Chamhuri Siwar & Rawshan Ara Begum2014
Applicability of RapidEye Satellite Imagery in Mapping Mangrove Vegetation Species at Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve, Perak, MalaysiaM.A Roslani, M.A. Mustapha, T.Lihan, W.A. Wan Juliana2014
Gamma irradiation effect on the structural, morphology and electrical properties of ZnO-CuO doped PVA nanocomposite thin films for Escherichia coli sensorAzmy, N.A.N, Abdullah, H , Naim, N.M., Hamid, A.A, Shaari, S, Mokhtar, W.H.M.W.2014
Monitoring system of fuel injector using piezoelectric sensorsMohd Sabri, M.A, Nuawi, M.Z., Tahir, M.F.B.M. Abdullah, S.,Bahari, A.R. Hamzah, F.M.2014
Students’ perception on application of calculus in civil engineering coursesHanisah Johor, Shamsul Rijal Muhammad Sabri, and Firdaus Mohd Hamzah2014
Menangani cabaran tranformasi Tanah NCR: Satu keperluan terhadap pendekatan pemetaan berpenglibatanAzima Abdul Manaf, Novel Lyndon, Sivapalan Selvadurai, Mohd Yusof Hussain1, Zaimah Ramli1,
Sarmila Md Sum, Suhana Saad, Mokhtar Jaafar, Fuad Mat Jali
Pendidikan Alam Sekitar dan Pembangunan Lestari dalam Bidang Kejuruteraan: Kajian TinjauanShahrom Md Zain, Noor Ezlin Ahmad Basri, Hassan Basri, Wan Hamidon Wan Badaruzzaman, Othman Jaafar, Fatihah Suja’, Mohd Raihan Taha & Wan Hanna Melini Wan Mokhtar2014

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