Institut Perubahan Iklim

 Institute of Climate Change

Master (Research)

IPI offers two (2) years for master and four (4) years for PhD targeted to students who are interested in doing space, geospatial, and climate change research. IPI attracts international students and conducts the program in English and/or Bahasa Melayu.

Programs National Education
Code (NEC)
Master of Science
(Research Mode)
  • Space Science
  • Climate Change Science
  • Geospatial

The Master (MSc) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs in IPI are developed and guided by research fellows and professors at IPI. The program begins with a one (1) week orientation course in which students will be trained to become familiar with basic research practices and ethics. This course comprises thesis writing skills, publication ethics, and UKM regulations.

This program is offered either as part-time and full-time. All intellectual properties developed and collected at IPI belong to UKM. Therefore, all registered students are required to sign a confidential disclosure and limited use agreement.

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