Volume 52, Issue 3


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The Impact of Middle-Class towards Economic Growth and Income Inequality in Indonesia

Fitrawaty, Indra Maipita, Wawan Hermawan, Haikal Rahman

Pages: 3 – 16

Neksus antara Indeks Syariah dan Fundamental Makroekonomi

The Nexus between Syariah Index and Macroeconomic Fundamentals

Nur Azura Sanusi, Mohd Kamal Omar, Suhal Kusairi, J. M. Shukri

Pages: 17 – 28

Factors Influencing the Basic Needs Budget Among the Middle Income Earners in Selected Major Cities in Malaysia

Rusli Latimaha, Zakaria Bahari, Nor Asmat Ismail

Pages: 29 – 39

Willingness to Pay for Improvements in Water Services in Terengganu, Malaysia: from Domestic Consumers’ Perspectives

Mahirah Kamaludin, Kuna Sandran, A.A. Azlina

Pages: 41 – 53

Pengaruh Modal Manusia Terhadap Pertumbuhan Produktiviti Faktor Keseluruhan di Negara ASEAN+3 Terpilih

The Impact of Human Capital on Total Factor Productivity Growth in ASEAN+3 Selected Countries

Noorazeela Zainol Abidin, Ishak Yussof, Rahmah Ismail, Zulkefly Abdul Karim

Pages: 55 – 70

The Degree of Competition in the Malaysian Dual Banking Industry

Nafisah Mohammed, Junaina Muhammad, Abdul Ghafar Ismail

Pages: 71 – 89

Free Trade Agreements and Production Sharing in Malaysian Manufacturing Industries

Pai Wei Choong, Noor Aini Khalifah, Abu Hassan Shaari Mohd Nor, Mohd Adib Ismail

Pages: 91 – 106

Kos Pengurangan Pencemaran dan Pematuhan Alam Sekitar dalam Industri Pembuatan

Pollution Abatement Cost and Environmental Compliance in the Manufacturing Industry

Mohd Nasir Nawawi, Nizam B. Ahmat

Pages: 107 – 114

Does Status Quo Interpretation Affect Welfare Estimates?

Bakti Hasan-Basri, Shamsul Bahrain Rawi, Hamimi Omar

Pages: 115 – 128

Convergence Clubs of Economic Liberalization in ASEAN, China, and India

Rossazana Ab-Rahim, Sonia Kumari Selvarajan, Nor Ghani Md. Nor, A.M. Dayang-Affizzah

Pages: 129 – 141

Willingness to Pay for Renewable Energy: Evidence from Malaysian’s Households

A.A. Azlina, Mahirah Kamaludin, Moe Shwe Sin

Pages: 143 – 151

Measuring the Efficiency of Colleges at the University of Al-Qadisiyah-Iraq: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Hayder Abbas Drebee, Nor Azam Abdul Razak

Pages: 153 – 166

Export-led Growth Hypothesis in Malaysia: New Evidence Using Disaggregated Data of Exports

Y. Amjad, N.A.M. Naseem, W.N.W. Azman-Saini, Tajul Ariffin Masron, K. Kriskkumar

Pages: 167 – 179

Health Expenditure and Economic Development in Low-and Middle-Income Countries

Suhaila Saad, Norashidah Mohamed Nor

Pages: 181 – 189

A Bayesian Vector Autoregressive Analysis of Price and Industrial Shocks on the Malaysian Economy

Azfar Hilmi Baharudin

Pages: 191 – 204

ICT Adoption Drives Productivity in Developed and Developing Countries

Halimahton Sa’diah Let, Hanny Zurina Hamzah, Zulkornain Yusop, Nur Syazwani Mazlan

Pages: 205 – 217

Institutional Support in Managerial Capacity Building and Ghanaian SMEs Growth: The Mediating Effect of Marketing Orientation

Bayu Taufiq Possumah, Michael Karikari Appiah

Pages: 219 – 230

A Cross-sectional Household Analysis of Household Consumption Patterns: An Indirect Approach to Identify the Possible Factors of Personal Bankruptcy

Toh Siaw Mien, Rusmawati Said

Pages: 231 – 246

Crude Palm Oil Price Forecasting in Malaysia: An Econometric Approach

Norlin Khalid, Hakimah Nur Ahmad Hamidi, Sharmila Thinagar, Nur Fakhzan Marwan

Pages: 247 – 259