Volume 56, Issue 3


Special Issue: Inequality and Public Policy in Asia

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Guest Editorial: Inequality and Public Policy in Asia

M. Niaz Asadullah

Pages: 1 – 9

The Resurgence of Income Inequality in Asia-Pacific: The Role of Trade Openness, Educational Attainment and Institutional Quality

Sharon G. M. Koh, Grace H. Y. Lee, Audrey K. L. Siah

Pages: 11 – 27

Structural Transformation, Income Inequality and Government Expenditure: Evidence from International Panel Data

Wannaphong Durongkaveroj

Pages: 29 – 44

What Does Data on Functional Income Distribution tell us about Trends in and Correlates of Income Inequality in The Asia-Pacific?

Selim Raihan

Pages: 45 – 64

Between-Country Global Inequality and Demographic Change

Michele Bruni

Pages: 65 – 85

Regional Income Inequality in Indonesia: The Role of Public and Private Investment

Dani Rahman Hakim, Iin Rosini

Pages: 87 – 101

The Spanish Flu Pandemic and Income Distribution in Java: Lessons from the 1920s

Aloysius Gunadi Brata, Sigit Triandaru, Yenny Patnasari, Rini Setyastuti, Agustinus Edi Sutarta, Andreas Sukamto

Pages: 103 – 117

Who Gains from Class Size Reduction? Another Look at Malaysia’s “Lost Boys Phenomenon” in Student Achievement

Sarimah Surianshah

Pages: 119 – 143

Socioeconomic Mobility of Return Migrants: Evidence from Jordanian Labor Market Surveys

Vladimir Hlasny, Shireen Alazzawi

Pages: 145 – 164

Gig Workers, Social Protection and Labour Market Inequality: Lessons from Malaysia

Yosuke Uchiyama, Fumitaka Furuoka, Md. Nasrudin Md. Akhir

Pages: 165 – 184