Department of Engineering Education

 Jabatan Pendidikan Kejuruteraan

Linear Algebra

The goal of this course is to highlight to the students the importance of linear algebra and its applications in engineering. The course begins with matrix and its basic operation and followed by its applications in linear system and input output model. The main topics are vector space and subspace, linear independence, basis, dimension, change of basis,row space,column space, null space, rank, nullity, matrix transformations, eigenvalue, eigenvector, inner product spaces, Gram-Schmidt process, diagonalization, quadratic forms, linear transformation-Isomorphism, composition, inverse transformation, LU- Decomposition, power method. The course ends with topics on sequence, infinite series, partial sum, types of series: geometric Series, harmonic series, P-series, alternating series, convergence-integral test, comparison test, ratio test, root test, power series and radius of convergence.