Development History of Architecture Programs Offered by Department of Architecture
Idea implementation architecture at the National University of Malaysia began around 1971. Architectural Seminar Conference National Cultural Congress held during the year have made a resolution that read:

“To carry out the wishes of inspiration, the objectives of producing architecture-based National Malay art elements. Rapid learning in this area must begin as soon as possible. A complete faculty of architecture at the National University should be established where all facilities to foster learning facility can guarantee progress “.

However, the desire to implement the architecture program at the National University of Malaysia can be realized only in November 2002. It is housed in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of the fifth department under the auspices of the faculty. The first intake was implemented in June 2003 and at that time, the programs offered are Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

By April 2005, the Department of Architecture UKM has produced graduates of Bachelor of Science in Architecture first of 17. In June 2005 also, the Department of Architecture for the first time introduced the Bachelor of Architecture course for Part II of the Qualifying Board of Architects Malaysia.