Penyelidikan dan Penerbitan 2015


 1 A Model of Housing Quality Determinants (HQD) for Affordable Housing Afaq Hyder Chohan, Adi Irfan CheAni, Bhai Khan Shar, Jihad Awad, Arif Jawaid and Norngainy Mohd Tawil Journal of Construction in Developing Countries
 2 A new mechanical application for flat-roof water ponding indicator system via XBEE protocol M.F. Abdullah, A.I. CheAni, S. Setumin, N.M. Tawil ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
 3 A Study on the Characteristics of Palm-Based Polyurethane as A Lightweight Aggregate In Concrete Mix Kamarul Aini Mohd.Sori, Sohif Mat, Khairiah Badri, Muhammad Fauzi Mohd. Zain Sains Malaysiana
 4 Analytical and numerical investigation of polyurea layered aluminium plates subjected to high velocity projectile impact Damith Mohotti, Tuan Ngo, Sudharshan N. Raman, Priyan Mendis Materials and Design
 5 An Analysis of the Selection Criteria in Purchasing a House in Klang Valley towards the Quality Affordable Housing A.R. Musa, N.M. Tawil, A.I. CheAni, H. Basri Life Science Journal
 6 An Overview of Effective Postgraduate Supervision Style Based on Assessment and Supervisory Model Farizah Ansarudin, Siti Masrinda Tasirin, Mohd Zaidi Omar, Muhammad Fauzi Mohd. Zain, Zulhaidi Amil, Mohd. Huzairi Johari, Roslena Md Zaini, Nor Rajaie Hashim, Siti Nurul Hunadia Husin, Nooraini Ahmad Jurnal Teknologi
 7 Application of solar-induced ventilation prototype in small and medium enterprise building Wardah Fatimah Mohammad Yusoff, Abdul Razak Sapian, Elias Salleh, Nor Mariah Adam, Suhana Johar Indoor and Built Environment
 8 Assessing Students Perceptions to Sustainability Practices at National University of Malaysia (UKM) Husayn Idi Kwami, Adi Irfan Che-Ani, Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim and Mohd Zulhanif Abd-Razak International Journal of Environment and Sustainable Development

Axial behavior of ferrocement confined cylindrical concrete specimens with different sizes

A.B.M.A. Kaish, M. Jamil , S.N. Raman, M.F.M. Zain Construction and Building Materials
 10 Bangunan beridentiti Malaysia: kelebihan dari sudut faedah, ekonomi, teknologi hijau & penggunaan bahan binaan tempatan Mastor Surat, M.F.I Mohd-Nor, A.H Ismail, Nor Haslina Jaafar Journal Design + Built
 11 Building Information Modeling: Acceptance Gaps within Malaysian Construction Industry Player Mohd Harris Mohd Ismail, Elias Ismail, Adi Irfan Che Ani, Abdul Halim Samah, Afifuddin Husairi Hussain Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
 12 Building Information Modeling (BIM)-Based Building Condition Assessment: A Survey of Water Ponding Defect on A Flat Roof Adi Irfan Che-Ani, Suhana Johar, Norngainy Mohd Tawil, Mohd Zulhanif Abd Razak, Noraini Hamzah Jurnal Teknologi
 13 Causes of Building Defects from the Perspective of Building Management: A Descriptive Survey
A.I. CheAni, A. Sairi, S. Johar, M.Z.A. Razak, H. Yahaya The Malaysian Surveyor
 14 Common Building Defects in New Terrace Houses Ishan Ismail, Adi Irfan Che Ani, Mohd Zulhanif Abd Razak, Norngainy Mohd Tawil, Suhana Johar. Jurnal Teknologi
 15 Concrete Flat Roof Defects in Equatorial Climates Asmawan Mohd Sarman, Mohd. Nasrun Mohd. Nawi, Adi Irfan CheAni, Elis Mardzianah Mazlan International Journal of Applied Engineering Research
 16 Decide and Recycle Service Learning in Liberal Education Course M. Ibrahim, A.I. CheAni, N.A.M. Yusof, K. Ismail Advanced Science Letters
 17 Developing a Sustainable City in a Tropical Area to Create a Balance between Vegetation and a Water Bodies and Vegetation. Seyedehzahra M., Nik Lukman Nik Ibrahim, Surat, M International Journal of Engineering and Technology
18 Development of a zero-cement binder using slag, fly ash, and rice husk ash with chemical activator Karim M.R., Zain M.F.M., Jamil M., Lai F.C Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
 19 Development of Designing Criteria in Children`s Urban Play Space in Iran – Review of Literature Noura Marouf, Adi Irfan Che-Ani, Norngainy Mohd Tawil, Suhana Johar & Mazlan Mohd Tahir Journal of Sustainable Development
 20 Development of Transduction Circuit for Flat Roof Water Ponding Monitoring System Using eTape Sensor A.I. CheAni, S. Johar, M.A. Mohamad-Idin, M.F. Abdullah, M.I.F. Maruzuki Journal of Engineering Science and Technology
 21 Domestic courtyard enhances Islamic teaching and practice: Oman as a case study
Zulkifli Husin, M.M. Tahir, M.F.I Mohd-Nor, A.I Che Ani Journal of Design + Built
 22 Effects of medium temperature and industrial by-products on the key hardened properties of high performance concrete Md. Safiuddin, Sudharshan N. Raman, Muhammad Fauzi Mohd. Zain Materials
 23 Elastomeric polymers for blast and ballistic retrofitting of structures H. M. C. C. Somarathna, S. N. Raman, A. A. Mutalib, K. H. Badri Jurnal Teknologi (Sciences and Engineering)
 24 Evaluation of Neighborhood Center Attributes on Resident`s Territoriality and Sesnse of Belonging: A Case Study in Boshrooyeh, Iran Hero Farkisch, Vahid Ahmadi, Adi Irfan CheAni Habitat International
 25 Examining School Grounds as a Place for Childrens Physical Activity Performance in Tehran Noura Marouf, Suhana Johar, Adi Irfan Che-Ani & Norngainy Mohd Tawil Modern Applied Science
 26 Internationalisation of Singapore`s Architectural, Engineering and Quantity Surveying Consultancy Firms Luke Peh, Low Sui Pheng and Adi Irfan CheAni International Surveying Research Journal
 27 Lifelong Learning in Architecture Design Studio: The Learning Contract Approcah B. Hassanpour, A.I. CheAni, I. M. S. Usman, S. Johar, N.M. Tawil International Education Studies
 28 Model Pengukuran Kecekapan Penggunaan Ruang Pembelajaran Pengajian Tinggi A.M.A. Shah, N.M. Tawil, A.I. CheAni Journal of Design + Built
 29 Parameters Issues of Building Maintenance Management at High Rise Residential Building: A Review S.R.H. Abd-Wahab, A.I. CheAni, A. Sairi, A.H. Hussain, M. Surat Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
 30 Pengimbasan literatur: Persepsi dalam kajian rekabentuk bandar Nor Haslina Ja`afar, Elina Mohd Husini, Fadli Arab, I.M.S. Usman Jurnal Design + Built
31 Prediction of strength and slump of silica fume incorporated high-performance concrete M.F.M. Zain , M.R. Karim, M.N. Islam, M.M. Hossain, M. Jamil, H.M.A Al-Mattarneh Asian Journal of Scientific Research
 32 Real Time Prototype to Measure Structural Acceleration and Tilt of High-Rise Building M. E. Haque, M. F. M. Zain, M.A. Hannan, M.Jamil, MD. Asikuzzaman Electrical Review
 33 Review of Method to Estimation of Wind-Driven Rain on Building façade Seyedehzahra Mirrahimi, C.H.Lim, Selbin P.K., Mastor Surat Advances in Environmental Biology
 34 Safety Level of Shophouse`s Back-Lane in Malaysia
I.M.S. Usman , M.F.M. Zain , M. Surat , M.M. Tahir , R. Rofiei and N. Mohamad The Social Sciences
 35 Surveying The Condition of A Selected Flat Roof for Possible Water Ponding Defect A.I. CheAni, A. Sairi, M.I.F. Maruzuki, M.Z.A. Razak, H. Yahaya The Malaysian Surveyor
 36 Transparent Assessment Model in Architecture Design Studio: Eastern Mediterranean University as Case Study B. Hassanpour, A.I. CheAni Open House International
 37 Unlocking the potential value of BIM implementation in Malaysia: A pilot study Alam M.R., Zain M.F.M., Kaish A.B.M.A., Jamil M Indoor and Built Environment
38 Prediction of strength and slump of silica fume incorporated high-performance concrete A.H. Hussain, M.K.A. Husain, A.I. CheAni, N.I.M. Zaki, Z.M. Ali European Journal of Advances in Engineering and Technology
 39 Use of Coupled Smooth-Particle Hydrodynamics/Lagrangian Method in the Simulation of Deformable Projectile Penetration Damith Mohotti, Sudharshan N. Raman, Tuan Ngo, Priyan Mendis International Journal of Protective Structures
 40 Utilization of rice husk ash for sustainable construction: A review Khan M.N.N., Jamil M., Karim M.R., Zain M.F.M., Kaish A.B.M.A. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, Engineering and Technology