Department of Biological Sciences & Biotechnology

 Jabatan Sains Biologi & Bioteknologi

List of Expertise

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Associate Prof. Dr.Mahanem Mat NoorAnimal reproductive biology, ZoologyBioprospecting for
Dr.Mohd Asif Bin Mohd SukriAntimicrobial resistance in bacteria, Emerging infectious diseasesBioprospecting for
Dr.Mohd Fareed Mohd SairiBiotechnology, MicrobiologyBioprospecting for
Professor Dr.Wan Kiew LianGenomics of tropical resources, Molecular parasitologyBioprospecting for
Dr.Norefrina Shafinaz Md. NorImmunologyBioprospecting for
Professor Dr.Sheila NathanMicrobial genomics, Host-pathogen interactionBioprospecting for
Dr.Sylvia ChiengMicrobial genomics, Host-pathogen interactionBioprospecting for
Associate Prof. Dr.Nazlina IbrahimMolecular virology, Antimicrobial discoveryBioprospecting for
Dr.Shevin Rizal FerozProtein biochemistry, Ligand-protein interactionsBioprospecting for
Dr.Izyanti IbrahimEnzymology, Protein biochemistryBioprospecting for Therapeutics
Cell Technology & Bioprocess
Dr.Muhammad Ashraf ShahidanBiological sensor, BiochemistryCell Technology &
Dr.Nazlina Haiza Mohd YasinBioprocess Technology, Environmental BiotechnologyCell Technology &
Dr.Nurul Hanun Ahmad RastonBiosensor, NanomaterialCell Technology &
Dr.Wan Syaidatul Aqma Wan Mohd. NoorEnvironmental microbiologyCell Technology &
Dr.Nur Hazlin Hazrin ChongEnvironmental microbiology, Microbial ecologyCell Technology &
Dr.Shazilah KamaruddinEnzyme biotechnology, fungal molecular biology and biotechnologyCell Technology &
Associate Prof. Dr.Farah Diba Abu BakarFungal molecular biology and biotechnologyCell Technology &
Associate Prof. Dr.Abdul Munir Abd. MuradFungal Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Microbial Genomics , & Applied MicrobiologyCell Technology &
Professor Dr.Aidil Abdul HamidMicrobial biochemistry, Industrial biotechnologyCell Technology &
Dr.Izwan BharudinMolecular Microbiology, Fungal GenomicsCell Technology &
Professor Dr.Shahrul Hisham Zainal AriffinStem cells, Molecular biology, Cell biology, EnzymologyCell Technology &
Dr.Johari JalinasBiological control, Bioacoustic, Pest managementInsect, Pest and Disease
Associate Prof. Dr.Wee Suk LingInsect behaviour, Insect chemical ecology, Insect electrophysiology, Plant-insect, insect-­insect and insect‐predator interactionsInsect, Pest and Disease
Associate Prof. Dr.Ng Yong FooInsect biodiversity, Insect taxonomy, systematics and ecology, Southeast Asia Thysanoptera identification and resourceInsect, Pest and Disease
Dr.Azman SulaimanInsect Biosystematic (taxonomy, classification and nomenclature) of Cicada (Auchenorryncha: Cicadoidea)Insect, Pest and Disease
Dr.Nurul Wahida OthmanInsect Physiology, Insect Toxicology, Histology, Insect ConservationInsect, Pest and Disease
Dr.Izfa Riza HazmiInsect Taxonomy and Systematics (Coleoptera), Insect BiodiversityInsect, Pest and Disease
Associate Prof. Dr. Salmah YaakopMolecular Systematics, Insects Taxonomy and DiversityInsect, Pest and Disease
Associate Prof. Dr.Choong Chee YenPlant Genetics and Systematics I Biodiversity and Taxonomy of OdonataInsect, Pest and Disease
Dr.Shamsul KhamisBotany, Plant diversity and Taxonomy of SpermatophytesPlant Systematic and Forest
Dr.Nik Norhazrina Nik Mohd KamilBryology, Floristic, Taxonomy, Systematics, Molecular and Ecological of Tropical Bryophytes, Diversity of Mosses in Peninsular MalaysiaPlant Systematic and Forest
EncikAhmad Fitri ZohariPlant Ecology and Taxonomy, Inventory and Identification of Higher Plants in Peninsular Malaysia, Dynamics of Tropical RainforestPlant Systematic and Forest
Professor Dr.Mohd Nizam Mohd SaidPlant Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation of Tropical Forest I Dynamics of Tropical Forest Ecosystem I Habitat specialization of tropical forest vegetation I Tropical forest management I Climate change impact on forest ecosystemsPlant Systematic and Forest
Associate Prof. Dr.Haja Maideen Kader MaideenPteridology, Plant Molecular Systematic, Species composition and distributon of Pteridophytes in Malaysia, Biodiversity of pteridophytes, Anatomy of pteridophytes, Cytological and ecological of pteridophytesPlant Systematic and Forest
Dr.Nur Farah Ain Binti ZaineeTaxonomy, ecology and biology of algaePlant Systematic and Forest
Dr.Nur Aqilah Mustafa BakrayMycology, EcologyPlant Systematic and Forest Ecology
Cell Technology & Bioprocess
Associate Prof. Dr.Che Radziah Che Mohd. ZainPlant biotechnologySustainable Crop Management &
Associate Prof. Dr.Roohaida OthmanPlant biotechnology, Genomics, System biologySustainable Crop Management &
Dr.Noraziyah Abd Aziz ShamsudinPlant breeding (molecular breeding, mutatonal breeding, genes/QTLs pyramiding) I Marker assisted breeding (MAB)Sustainable Crop Management &
Professor Dr.Wickneswari RatnamPlant GeneticSustainable Crop Management &
Dr. Mohd Ikmal Bin AsmuniPlant genetic and breedingSustainable Crop Management &
Dr.Noor Liyana SukiranPlant molecular biologySustainable Crop Management &
Dr.Nurulhikma Md IsaPlant molecular biologySustainable Crop Management &
Professor Dr.Ismanizan IsmailPlant molecular biology and biotechnologySustainable Crop Management &
Professor Dr.Zamri ZainalPlant molecular biology and biotechnologySustainable Crop Management &
Dr.Muhammad Hafiz Che OthmanPlant secondary metabolites, Plant carbon metabolism, Plant proteomicsSustainable Crop Management &
Professor Dr.Kalaivani NadarajahPlant Molecular Biology, Plant Microbe Interaction, Plant and Microbial Bioinformatics, Biological Control, Soil Quality and Fertility AnalysesSustainable Crop Management & Improvement
Insect, Pest and Disease Management
Associate Prof. Dr.Noraini TalipPlant Anatomy, Palynology, Plant Micromorphology, Plant Biodiversity and Conservation, Systematic Anatomy I Palynology, leaf anatomy and micromorphology of selected Hibiscus species (Malvaceae) I Study on phytochemical proper>es and anatomical characteristics of selected Pogostermon species I Ecological plant anatomy and micromorphology I The effects of heavy metals (Cd, Pb, Hg) exposure on the plant morphology and anatomySustainable Crop Management & Improvement
Plant Systematic and Forest Ecology
Dr.Nadiatur Akmar ZulkifliAnimal Genetics and BreedingWildlife Conservation and
Dr.Farah Shafawati Mohd TaibEcology of birds and small mammals, Molecular parasitology, Wildlife pathogens and diseasesWildlife Conservation and
Dr.Juliana SenawiEcology, Conservation Biology, Ecomorphology, Biomechanic, BioacousticsWildlife Conservation and
Dr.Norlinda Mohd. DautEthology, Behavioral ecology, Animal histology and physiologyWildlife Conservation and
Professor Dr.Norhayati AhmadHerpetology, Cervation BiologyWildlife Conservation and Management
Professor Dr.Badrul Munir Md ZainMolecular Systematics and PrimatologyWildlife Conservation and Management
Dr.Mohammad Saiful MansorVertebrate Ecology and Evolution I Molecular EcologyWildlife Conservation and
Professor Dr.Shukor Md NorWildlife Taxonomy and Ecology / Wildlife Management and Conservation / Wildlife Medicine / Wildlife Behaviour / Captive Breeding and Reintroduction / Plan-Animal Interactions / Environmental Impacts Assessment / Environmental ManagementWildlife Conservation and Management