Sains Malaysiana 39(6)(2010): 869–875


Diversity and Distribution of Stream Fishes of Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia

(Kepelbagaian dan Taburan Ikan Sungai di Pulau Langkawi, Malaysia)


Izzati Adilah Azmir

Zoology Unit, Tropical Forest & Biodiversity Centre, Forestry Division

Forest Research Institute Malaysia, 52109 Kepong, Selangor D.E., Malaysia


Abdullah Samat*

School of Environmental & Natural Resource Sciences

Faculty of Science & Technology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

43600 Bangi, Selangor D.E., Malaysia


Received: 3 September 2009 / Accepted: 4 March 2010





Fishes from five streams in Gunung Machinchang and six streams in Gunung Raya areas of Pulau Langkawi were surveyed with the aim to investigate their diversity and distribution. Fish samples were collected from 23rd to 29th November 2007. Samplings took place along the 50 m reach of each of the site using an electrofisher and scoop nets. A total of 619 individuals of fish comprising 27 species and 14 families were recorded. Sixty-six percent from the taxa listed were of the cyprinids and Puntius binotatus was the most abundant species. Carassius auratus auratus was recorded for the first time in Pulau Langkawi. Streams of the Gunung Machinchang area were dominated by secondary freshwater fish species, but in the Gunung Raya area the streams were dominated by primary freshwater fish species. The highest diversity of fish was recorded for Sg. Kubang Badak with Simpson Index Ds = 0.838 and the lowest was for Sg. Perangin with Ds = 0.450. The highest evenness index of fish species was detected for Sg. Temurun with Es = 0.684 and the lowest was for Sg. Perangin with Es = 0.299. Species overlapping between streams of the two areas was 9.6%.


Keywords: Habitat; Pulau Langkawi; species composition




Ikan dari lima sungai di kawasan Gunung Machinchang dan enam sungai di kawasan Gunung Raya di Pulau Langkawi telah ditinjau untuk meneliti kepelbagaian dan taburannya. Sampel ikan telah dikumpulkan antara 23 hingga 29 November 2007. Pensampelan dibuat sepanjang 50 m di setiap lokasi menggunakan perenjat elektrik dan jaring sauk. Sebanyak 619 individu ikan yang terdiri daripada 27 spesies dan 14 famili telah direkodkan. Sejumlah 60% daripada taksa tersebut adalah siprinid dan Puntius binotatus merupakan spesies yang paling tinggi kelimpahannya. Carassius auratus auratus telah direkodkan buat kali pertama di Pulau Langkawi. Sungai-sungai di kawasan Gunung Machinchang didominasi oleh spesies daripada kumpulan ikan air tawar sekunder, tetapi di kawasan Gunung Raya sungai-sungainya didominasi oleh spesies daripada kumpulan ikan air tawar utama. Kepelbagaian spesies ikan paling tinggi telah direkodkan di Sg. Kubang Badak dengan Indeks Simpson Ds = 0.838 dan paling rendah di Sg. Perangin dengan Indeks Simpson Ds = 0.450. Keseragaman spesies paling tinggi dikesan di Sg. Temurun dengan Es = 0.684 dan paling rendah di Sg. Perangin dengan Es = 0.299. Pertindihan spesies bagi sungai-sungai di antara dua kawasan tersebut adalah 9.6%.


Kata kunci: Habitat; komposisi spesies; Pulau Langkawi




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