Sains Malaysiana 45(7)(2016): 1105–1111


Physical Properties and Microstructure of Butter Cake Added with Persea americana Puree

(Sifat Fizikal dan Mikrostruktur Kek Mentega yang ditambah dengan Puri Persea americana)




School of Health Sciences, Health Campus, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 16150 Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Malaysia


Diserahkan: 19 November 2015/Diterima: 21 Januari 2016



The effect of addition of avocado (Persea americana) puree on the physical and microstructure of butter cake was studied. Butter cakes were made by replacing butter with 10, 30 and 50% of avocado puree. Physical properties including batter specific gravity, volume, colour and image analysis of cellular structure of the crumb were analyzed. Texture profile analysis was determined using texture analyzer. The results showed that with the increased amount of avocado puree, the batter specific gravity increased while volume of the cakes reduced. The texture profile analysis showed that the cakes became harder as the amount of avocado puree increased, while cohesiveness was not affected. The cellular structure of the crumb exhibited a decrease in the number of air cells while the average cell size increased with addition of avocado puree. The colour analysis showed that the cake crumb became darker as the avocado puree was increased.


Keywords: Avocado; butter cake; physical; scanning electron microscopy; texture



Kesan penambahan puri avokado (Persea americana) ke atas ciri fizikal dan mikrostruktur kek mentega telah dikaji. Kek mentega telah dihasilkan dengan menggantikan mentega dengan puri avokado pada kadar 10, 30 dan 50%. Ciri fizikal termasuk graviti tentu bater, isi padu, warna dan analisis imej struktur selular kek telah dianalisis. Analisis profil tekstur telah ditentukan menggunakan penganalisis tekstur. Keputusan kajian menunjukkan bahawa dengan peningkatan puri avokado, graviti tentu bater meningkat manakala isi padu kek menurun. Analisis profil tekstur menunjukkan kek menjadi semakin keras apabila jumlah puri avokado meningkat manakala nilai kelekatan tidak terjejas. Struktur selular kek menunjukkan penurunan pada bilangan sel udara manakala purata saiz sel udara meningkat dengan penambahan puri avokado. Analisis warna menunjukkan kek menjadi semakin gelap apabila kandungan puri avokado meningkat.


Kata kunci: Avokado; kek mentega; fizikal; mikroskop imbasan elektron; tekstur


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