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Antifungal Effects of Cold Plasma, Coupled with Modified Atmosphere Packaging on Asparagus during Cold Storage

(Kesan Antikulat Plasma Sejuk, Ditambah dengan Pembungkusan Atmosfera Terubah ke atas Asparagus Sewaktu Penyimpanan Sejuk)




1Institute of Vegetables, Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Jinan city 250100, Shandong Province, China


2Division of Horticulture and Systems Engineering, Program of Horticulture, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Republic of Korea


3Agricultural and Life Science Research Institute, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon 24341, Republic of Korea


4Kangwon National University, Interdisciplinary Program in Smart Agriculture, Chuncheon 24341, Republic of Korea


Diserahkan: 30 Mac 2020/Diterima: 28 Januari 2021



Asparagus spear is vulnerable to microbial groups which can cause deterioration and short shelf-life after harvesting. The effects of cold plasma, coupled with modified atmosphere (MA) packaging on microorganism development, and quality changes of green asparagus were investigated. The development of microorganisms was inhibited after sterilisation. After 21 days of storage, cold plasma for 6 h (P6h) and hot water combined with cold plasma for 3 h (HW+P3h) treatments obtained the lowest number of aerobic bacteria. Hot water (HW), P6h and HW+P3h treatments showed higher inhibition effect on yeast and mold, and also on E. coli. Visual quality and off-odour of P6h treatment were superior to and inferior to other treatments, respectively. Hot water and cold plasma treatments alone inhibited the firming. Cold plasma 1 (P1h) and 3 h (P3h) were better in retarding yellowing of asparagus. A difference in electrolyte leakage (EL) between control (43%) and sterilisation treatments (greater than 60%) was immediately observed on the sterilisation day. Treatments using HW and P1h decreased the EL after 21 days. The soluble solid content (SSC) decreased based on the initial content, and hot water treatment resulted in higher SSC. Increases in ethylene (C₂H₄) and carbon dioxide production and decrease in oxygen were observed during the first 3 days. The content of C₂H₄ under cold plasma treatments was higher than hot water and control on day 21. These results suggested that cold plasma 6 h treatment resulted in better sensory quality and less decay and softening for green asparagus.


Keywords: Cold storage; electrolyte leakage; microorganisms; yellowing



Pucuk asparagus yang terdedah kepada kumpulan mikrob boleh menyebabkan kemerosotan dan jangka hayat yang pendek selepas dituai. Kesan plasma sejuk, ditambah dengan pembungkusan atmosfera terubah (MA) ke atas perkembangan mikroorganisma dan perubahan kualiti asparagus hijau telah dikaji. Perkembangan mikroorganisma direncat selepas pensterilan. Selepas penyimpanan selama 21 hari, rawatan plasma sejuk selama 6 jam (P6h) dan air panas digabungkan dengan plasma sejuk selama 3 jam (HW+P3h) menghasilkan bilangan bakteria aerobik terendah. Air panas (HW), P6h dan HW+P3h menunjukkan kesan perencatan yang lebih tinggi pada yis dan kulat, serta E. coli. Kualiti visual dan bau yang tidak menyenangkan bagi rawatan P6h masing-masing adalah lebih baik dan lebih teruk berbanding rawatan lain. Rawatan air panas dan plasma sejuk sahaja mampu merencatkan kekerasan. Plasma sejuk 1 (P1h) dan 3 jam (P3h) adalah lebih baik dalam membantutkan penguningan asparagus. Perbezaan rawatan kebocoran elektrolit (EL) antara kawalan (43%) dan pensterilan (lebih 60%) jelas diperhatikan pada hari pensterilan. Rawatan menggunakan HW dan P1h menurunkan EL selepas 21 hari. Kandungan pepejal larut (SSC) menurun berdasarkan kandungan awal dan rawatan air panas menghasilkan SSC yang lebih tinggi. Peningkatan pengeluaran etilena (C₂H₄) dan karbon dioksida serta penurunan oksigen diperhatikan pada 3 hari pertama. Kandungan C₂H₄ dalam rawatan plasma sejuk lebih tinggi daripada air panas dan kawalan pada hari 21. Hasil ini menunjukkan bahawa rawatan plasma sejuk selama 6 jam menghasilkan asparagus hijau dengan kualiti sensori yang lebih baik dan kurang layu serta lebih lembut.


Kata kunci: Kebocoran elektrolit; mikroorganisma; penguningan; penyimpanan sejuk



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