Jabatan Sains Matematik UKM

 Department of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences started with the establishment of the Department of Mathematics in 1970, which was also the establishment year of UKM. In 1978, the Unit of Statistics and Computer Science was established in the Department of Mathematics.

In  1982, the Department of Mathematics was upgraded to a faculty, known as the Centre for Quantitative Studies and it was expanded to include the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science. Later in 1991, the centre  was renamed as the Faculty of Mathematical and Computer Sciences.

Bangunan Sains Matematik

In 1994, this faculty separated into two faculties, namely the Faculty of  Mathematical Sciences and the Faculty of Information Science and Technology.  In 1996, the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences established the Centre for Quality and Productivity Improvement, in order to promote mathematical sciences to the general public.

On 19th July 1999, the faculty became the School of Mathematical Sciences within the Faculty of Science and Technology. The establishment of the School of Mathematical Sciences integrates knowledge in various major fields of mathematical sciences such as Mathematics, Statistics, Actuarial Science and Quality & Productivity Improvement.

On December 2019, the School of Mathematical Sciences is now known as Department of Mathematical Sciences.