Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Programme Duration

4 years

(8 Semester)

Course overview

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honors program. Our program is internationally recognized and ranked in the top 200 in the QS World University Ranking. The goal of this program is to produce Engineers in the field of Engineering. A public that is dynamic, creative and moral and able to adapt to the international and global work environment. How were the Merdeka 118 skyscrapers and the KLCC Twin Towers built? How are the MRT and LRT transportation systems designed? How do we get clean water supply for daily use?

These questions illustrate how the field of Civil Engineering is very important and impacts human daily life. Civil Engineers are involved in the construction of the infrastructure needed to ensure the comfort and safety of human life. It includes the construction of houses, buildings, roads/highways, dams, airports, ports, water supply systems, waste treatment systems, flood control systems and so on. Waste treatment, flood control systems and so on.


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