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The Zero waste palm oil processing, an endowed researched program, was launched on the 23rd of September 2011 by the then deputy Prime Minister. Also present during the launching of the research program were the Minister of Higher Education and the Chief Science Advisor to the Prime Minister. The mission of the research program is to turn palm oil mills into green, carbon-neutral factories with zero emission and discharge, ensuring the productivity and sustainability of the palm oil industry. The resulting effect of zero waste will enable both an increase in the revenue for the industry, as well as securing a brighter and greener future for the environment.


The zero waste research program received more than RM 21 million funding from Sime Darby in the form of endowment, research grant and scholarships. The manpower for the research program involves UKM researchers, Sime Darby Engineers and postgraduate students. The UKM-YSD chair on sustainable development: zero waste technology is an ideal model for a successful universityprivate partnership. The direct involvement of a stakeholder (Sime Darby) in the research program ensures that the research work that is conducted is relevant and addresses the needs of the industry. (read the full article here: INNOVATE Vol.9.2016)


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