SPPP and e-FaCt

Please be advised that Sistem Penilaian Pengajaran dan Penyeliaan (SPPP) and Sistem Aduan dan Maklum Balas UKM (e-FaCt) was established to provide convenience to the students. Both of these systems have different goals and roles, which the students must choose and fill in the relevance system according to the situation. The faculty takes serious attention to any suggestion from the students where they are advised to use both systems ethically so that it will benefit everyone.



SPPP is a system that evaluates the quality of teaching from the students’ perspective. It is one of the official customer feedback systems used to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Sistem Pengurusan Kualiti (SPK) MS ISO 9001:2008 Pengurusan Pengajian Prasiswazah dan Siswazah (by coursework). In addition, all input obtained from the students through this system are also used for continuous quality improvement program. For example, students are required to fill in a feedback form to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning that has taken place in the last semester so that any improvement can be made for the following session.


This system can be accessed at https://smp.ukm.my/sppk/index.cfm



e-FACT is a system that encompasses the management of complaints, feedback, suggestions,service  appreciation and application from UKM staff and students as well as outsiders. The system has integrated the five existing systems in UKM, Sistem Maklum Balas &  Aduan  ICT (SMAICT), Sistem Maklum Balas &  Aduan Kerosakan (SAK), Sistem Maklum Balas & Pertanyaan, Sistem Aduan Dalaman (SAD) and Sistem Aduan Dalaman Pelajar (SADP). The purposes of this system are to improve the service delivery system, systematic complaint management, rapid, transparent and efficient information sharing and generate feedback reports and complaints in a more systematic and flexible approach. Quality Assurance Center is responsible for monitoring and analyzing the feedback received and to ensure that all complaints are dealt properly and effectively. This complaint and feedback system is intended to identify the problem so that the improvements can be made PROMPTLY for the benefit of students (complainant) and also other students in the next session.


This system can be accessed at www.ukm.my/efact