Join the UKM 49th Convocation Ceremony online via Zoom

We are please to invite parents and families to celebrate the Graduands online via Zoom platform application. For those who are interested, here are the procedures and terms that are needed to comply:

  • Always switch on the camera on your computer/smart phone/smart devices throughout the ceremony;
  • Mute the mic throughout the ceremony;
  • Be at the proper & suitable place OR use appropriate virtual background;
  • Please wear the proper attires, since this is a formal ceremony; AND,
  • Use your own name OR appropriate name for the name display during the Zoom session.

The Zoom slots are LIMITED to 500 accounts/participants only. Participation are not based on “first-comes, first-served” basis, the University will sort all the participants in the Zoom “waiting room” before the access are given. The University are ENTITLED to remove any participants who are not adhering to the procedure & terms as stated above.

Parents who are participating the ceremony via zoom are requested to be ready as the ceremony reaching its end as we would like to invite all parents for a “live hand waving” session at the end of the ceremony.

There will be Zoom session for every convocation session (from Chancellor’s Session on 27th November 2021 till 12th Session on 8th December 2021), starting at 9.00 am (GMT +8). Interested parents/families are required to join the Zoom session 30 minutes prior.