Factors Influencing Biogas Production Adoption Behaviour in Palm Oil Mills

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To obtain energy efficiency and renewable energy in sustainable ways with a high commercial return, the government has introduced several energy-related policies and acts in Malaysia to ensure future energy security and stability and at the same time to balance the utilization of oil, gas, hydroelectric power and coal. The transition of attention towards diversification of energy sources, energy security and later, environmental conservation, can be seen in the proclamation of policies and acts that include renewable and sustainable energy features. Despite the government great effort in promoting green and sustainability biogas energy production, less than 50% of the palm oil millers in Malaysia has total biogas plants installed in the plants. As a result of this alarming trend, the technology development and implementation literature advocate user-centred design practices that suggest that analysts must first gain a fundamental understanding of the user’s perception. Considering the top management team has significant influence in deciding the deployment of new technology, their belief and commitment towards the technology acceptance need to be critically evaluated. Since transforming newness into action must be championed by the top management team, their perspective is the significance of the success of the government strategic mission on biogas plant development in palm oil mills. Nonetheless, little attention has been paid to the role of the millers who likely to have a profound influence on the technology adoption decision. To fill the knowledge gap, the behavioural aspects of the millers with regards to their motivation, belief and decision on the adoption of biogas facilities in the plant is especially important today. The findings may provide answers to understand the “how, why and what” questions and subsequent be an input to policymakers to understand the crucial factors to motivate and encourage palm oil millers adopt the sustainable green practice.

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