The Malaysia Palm Oil Industry Industrial 4.0 Challenges in Achieving Circular Economy

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This study contributes to identifying challenges to Industry 4.0 in circular economy to obtain social, economic and environmental benefits in practice of palm oil industry. Industry 4.0 and circular economy have a mutual effect in practice. Despite of many challenges of deployment of Industry 4.0, the significant challenge factors in Industry 4.0 in circular economy is yet to be found and discussed. Through Fuzzy Delphi Method, a qualitative information available can be translated the linguistic preferences. In addition, Interpretive structural modelling can compose and interpret the interrelationships of the challenges between industry 4.0 and circular economy, which in turn can be applied in palm oil industry. The expected findings are the identification of essential challenges in Industry 4.0 in circular economy through extensive literature review. This study also aims to contribute to unveiling what challenges Industry 4.0 in circular economy faces and how to address those challenges as a basis for operational decision-making within palm oil concept.

For further information: mohdhelmiali@ukm.edu.my

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