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Quality is a key element in an organization. It is a mandatory requirement for the realization of a good product or service to the customer in accordance with standard standards. The Malaysian Cohort has selected the initiative to create the ISO Quality Management Division regulates the requirements for organizations in adopting a Quality Management System (QMS) and continuous good for customer satisfaction. It is an important step forward in catalysing and objectives of the Project Leader, Professor Datuk Dr. A. Rahman A. Jamal to make laboratories accredited in The Malaysian Cohort, and is believed by the customer in accordance with the status of research labs obtained before.

The Malaysian Cohort can be proud to have earned the ISO 15189 laboratory accreditation MS: 2007 in 2011 and is directly released the results of laboratory tests such as blood test results to the participants of the Malaysian Cohort in particular, with high standards and is believed to be accurate. Subsequently, to strengthen the practice of continuous quality and comprehensive, Project Leader approach for implementing the two (2) standard certification of MS ISO 9001: 2008 for the purposes of Biobank The Malaysian Cohort and MS ISO / IEC 27001: 2007 for data security The Malaysian Cohort is expected to be achieved at ISO 2014. All three are very important to be implemented and practiced by employees of the Malaysian Cohort generally expressed the need for trained personnel and kompiten within the scope of the daily work of each well can enhance self staff of aspects quality of work that is practiced daily. The three certifications are the backbone of the Malaysian Cohort for the The Malaysian Cohort primary source that can be embraced and high quality, not only in Malaysia but overseas.

Quality practices is the core of the daily work. Make quality practices something fun rather than a burden. Through the practice of quality work only an organization can develop a viable, robust, and advanced. The Malaysian Cohort hopefully better quality and a brilliant future.

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