Sex Education is Important to Prevent Social Problems

By Nadia Sapuan
Pictures by Izwan Azman

BANGI, 2 June 2017- Youths need to be exposed to sex education to prevent them from engaging in social problems.

ZuriatCARE Chairman, Tan Sri Datin Saadiah Sheikh Bakir said parents should be open in addressing the issue of sex education to children because even though it is a sensitive issue, it is also a part of knowledge.

“As we know, sex education is a sensitive issue in our society, but in my opinion everyone should be given sex education as an initiative to prevent them from being involved in social issues.

“Parents should be more open minded as children nowadays are exposed to various information which cannot be filtered through the internet,” she said.

Meanwhile, a Counsellor from UKM Psychology and Human Well- Being Research Centre, Dr Nasrudin Subhi said children these days gather a lot of information from the internet.

“As a good parent, we actually need to provide sex education to children because what they found online may not be true.

“Do not use figurative language in teaching them because in the event of cases involving rape, the language of metaphor as ‘flower’ and ‘bee’ is not acceptable to be taken to the authorities,” he said.

They were both speaking at a forum titled: Sex Education: Yay or Nay?, held in UKM, recently.