Tahfiz School Issue: Need to Establish Training Center for Tahfiz Teacher

By Asmahanim Amir
Pictures by Ikhwan Hashim

BANGI, 9 Jan 2018 – To smooth the learning students in tahfiz centre, Board Member of Yayasan Selangor Islamic Education, Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Halim Tamuri suggested that established a training centre for tahfiz teacher.

He said, the training centre is very necessary because tahfiz centre also is an education institution who getting more attention.

“The tahfiz school teachers should be given adequate training compared to just teach based on their experiences only.  Each of them have their own strength, but they don’t have standards of best practice in teaching,” he said at the Wacana Cendekiawan Institute of Malay World and Cvilization  (Institut Alam dan Tamadun Melayu – ATMA) Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) entitled ‘Status Sekolah Tahfiz dalam Pendidikan Negara: Di Mana dan Ke Mana Akhirnya’ here at Perdana Chancellory, recently.

Prof Dato’ Dr Abdul Halim said,  the establishment of the institution should be done gradually by engaging all tahfiz school teachers across the country either mainstream or private school.

“We bring the suggestion to Lembaga Penyelarasan Pelajaran dan Pendidikan Agama Islam (LEPAI) to discuss with several ministries.  It’s quite complicated, involving discussions with a lot of parties. Discussion for the sake of discussion needs to be done and I hope that this proposal gets attention and can be implemented quickly,” he said.

Meanwhile, members of LEPAI, Prof Datuk Zakaria Stapa said the proposal will be submitted at a LEPAI meeting, who scheduled in March.

“The basic related to the education of teachers tahfiz is a matter of critical and need to be addressed.  Adequate exposure should also be provided so that the question of tahfiz teacher not trained and tahfiz school curriculum uncoordinated no longer arise,” he added.

The forum organised by ATMA also attended by Lecturer of UKM Citra Centre, Dr Azizi Umar, Treasurer of Permata Darul al-Quran, Mejar (B) Dato’ Adnan Hashim and Director of ATMA, Prof Dr Supyan Hussien as a moderator.