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Meet the team of
Impian Remaja

Project Manager

Muhammad Luqman Raof

Luqman Raof, graduated with Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Hons.) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and currently pursuing his Master study in Business Administration at UKM-Graduate School of Business. He firmly believes that every child deserves equal opportunity in education and quality of life. Through Impian Remaja, he believes many underprivileged youths are going to be benefited and empowered greatly through this platform


Prathaban Sevaraman

Prathaban, or fondly known as Prat, graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) from UCSI University and has been working as a Registered Pharmacist since 2011. Prat is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration at UKM-Graduate School of Business. Through Impian Remaja, he envisions on the eradication of poverty amongst the at-risk youths through financial, educational and moral supports.


Project Committee

Premila Mohan

Premila, graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) from UMS and currently pursuing her Masters in Business Administration at UKM-Graduate School of Business. She is attached to a private hospital as an Assistant Manager of Medical & Quality. She believes that through Impian Remaja platform, the deprived youths will acquire quality education to build better lives for themselves, their families and their surrounding communities.


Nur Farihah binti Aminuddin

Farihah Aminuddin, is currently pursuing her master degree in Business Administration in UKM. She graduated from her undergraduate study in UiTM with a Bachelor (Hons) Actuarial Science. Farihah believes in helping the needy especially those in need of education. Farihah also believes that education is the key to success so through Impian Remaja, she could contribute directly to the society. Her past work on volunteerism has helped her in better understanding the role of education and the impact of quality of life among the children and the youths.


Kalaivani A/P Kovindan

Kalaivani, graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Science Major in Information System (Hons) from UNIMAS and currently pursuing part time MBA in UKM. Kalaivani believe that through Impian Remaja , the need of underprivileged youths will be fulfilled for a betterment future. Other than that, it will also will offer all a quality and enabling youth to break out of poverty cycles through education and skills development.


Hephzibah Ruth A/P Kunasekar Palras

Hephzibah, graduated with a Bachelor of Economics (Hons) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, is currently pursuing Master Study in Business Administration at UKM-Graduate School of Business and she is a HR Executive in a MNC. Through Impian Remaja, she believes many underprivileged youths will be given the opportunity to find and fuel their dreams.


Eta Yap

Eta is an Electronics Engineering undergraduate from MMU Cyberjaya, and has been in the IT software development industry since 2009. She is currently pursuing her MBA with UKM – Graduate School of Business. She is a believer to the Chinese quote “星星之火,可以燎原” which means a single spark can start a prairie fire. Impian Remaja maybe started-off small, every little efforts and contributions would soon accumulate and bring the visible change to the PPR youths as well as the society.


‘Afiah Binti Jasni

Afiah, a first year student in Bachelor of Geology (Hons.) from UKM. Impian Remaja is her new experience of working with a team and thus she’s eager to learn to contribute her part for the community.Through the programme, Afiah believes that her peers in need deserve to have the education and opportunities just like others. She hopes the future of youth can be pursued through everyone’s support.


Aufa Hanis Ab Gani

Aufa, graduated with a Bachelor of Quantity Surveying from USM is now working as an executive, contract in one of the construction company in KL. Ever since she was in high school, she always believes that all youth deserves the equal right and access to education. In line with her passion, Impian Remaja is her very first ever experience in being part of a cause that fights for what she believes in. Hoping with her helping hand, this programme would be able to grow and truly uplift the youth of the future.


Amirul Zaqwan Bin Zahari

Amirul, a first year degree student from UKM in Geology would always be there in helping his teammates to run this project. Amirul is curently new to this team but he’ll try his best on learning new things from the seniors. Through Impian Remaja, he hopes that his soft skills would be sharpened because he is a very shy person, and his contribution also would be significant to the team as they all helping the PPR community.


Devika A/P Nokarajoo

Devika, graduated with a Bachelor in Chemistry (Hons.) and Masters in Chemistry (Msc.) from UKM, is currently pursuing her PhD in Inorganic Chemistry in UKM as well. Devika has been a part of Impian Remaja for quite some time and is quite connected to the team to serve the needy and fight against poverty. Through Impian Remaja, she is proud to help the at-rish youths in achieving their dreams through financially and moral support. She believes in the saying “Helping others in their times of Need is the best gift of Humanity”


Izwan Syafiq Bin Ramlee

Izwan, graduated with a Bachelor of Food Science ( Food Service & Nutrition ) from UMT and has been working as a teacher. For him that is his passion to teach and educate people to be someone with knowledge, skills and manners. He believes that everyone has the equal right to education and success in their life no matter on what reason is it as education is always a powerful tools to civillize people.


Siti Nordayana Binti Norazman

Dayana, graduated with a Diploma in Pharmacy and Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) Operation Management from Uitm, is passionate about humanitarian activities. Impian Remaja is a stepping stone for her to understand better the problems that occur in our society as well as help PPR youths not to be left behind in the current development. Dayana believes that Impian Remaja can help the lives of at-risk youth to have a brighter future.


Nurul Mursyidah Zakaria

Mursyidah, a medical doctor graduated from UPM has always been adamant to serve the needy. Her previous work entails with medical volunteerism, blood donations and health awareness programs. Currently waiting for her housemanship placement, Mursyidah wanted to spend her time fighting for a greater cause. Through Impian Remaja, she wanted to help leverage the impoverished youth to break out of their poverty bubble and reach their full potentials.


Mohd Hafiz bin Abu Bakar

Hafiz, graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in chemistry from UKM and currently in the battle to hold his PhD scroll in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, UKM. He believes everyone deserves a good education and learning enviroment. Hence, he willingly contribute his skill for the successful of Impian Remaja.


Mohamad Helmi bin Hamid

Helmi Hamid holds a Bachelor degree in Accounting (Hons.) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and currently working as an auditor in one of the multinational professional services firms. He currently serves Impian Remaja as Lead Designer. In this role, Helmi aspires to lead designers and writers to deliver quality and effective contents to reach our target audiences. Helping underprivileged youths to showcase and get the most out of their talents has always been his aspiration. .


Sarah Afiqah binti Kamaruzaman

Sarah Afiqah, graduated with Bachelor of Economics (Hons.) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and currently working as an Assistant Manager in one of the government’s agency under MITI. With her experience in protocol and event management, she can dutifully assist the protocol team in ensuring the formal event to run smoothly. She believes Impian Remaja has a great objective in connecting underprivileged youths with society and industry. Perhaps, Impian Remaja will encourage the underprivileged youth to achieve their dreams and create a better future.


Ubaidurrahman bin Zulkifli

Ubai, graduated with Bachelor Degree in Comp. Science from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia is currently working as UI/UX Designer in a public company. He believe that every child deserves an opportunity to improve their education and quality of life. Thus, it is very certain to him that Impian Remaja will benefit every single underprivileged child of what they deserve..


Mohmed Idlan bin Aldrin

Idlan Aldrin is an architecture graduate from University of Malaya. Being a jack of all trades, Idlan not only has experience in designing, filming and editing, he also has some flying experience. Despite his dynamic background, he is very passionate in community engagements. He believes that youths should be empowered to build the future’s next generation leaders.


Tengku Farah Hazwani Binti Tengku Asmawi

Farah graduated with Bachelor Degree in Art and Design and Master in Visual Communications from University of Technology Mara. She is currently working as a freelance designer. She also used to work as a teacher. As a teacher she belives that every child deserved a better education especially for those who are unfortunate and underprivileged. With Impian Remaja she belives she can help those underprivileged kids for their future.


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