Audio Visual & Web TV

Audio Visual Unit is a unit under the Corporate Communication Centre. It was established to carry on the work of video footage to the official university activities that includes:

  • Multiple Camera Publication (MCP) in DECTAR and Panggung Seni, UKM
  • Video publishing for research, promotion and education

UKM Web TV is a unit under PKK that functions together with the UKM News Portal. It reports on and documents research, innovation and commercialisation activities as well as major events occurring in the University.UKM Web TV is not commercially oriented; rather, it focuses more on educating and providing information on UKM’s successes and latest discoveries.

Web TV UKM’s emphasis in coverage is in the following categories:
1. Research
2. University Events
3. Current Issues
4. Documentaries
5. Interviews
6. Inaugural Lectures (Professorial Lectures)
7. Public Lectures
8. Other lecture series
9. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, etc
10. Other events

For further particulars, please contact:

Hazrul Abdul Halim
Senior Programme Producer
Tel: +603 8921 5943