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Event management is one of the services offered by PKK UKM. Event management covers actions that need to be taken before, during and after an event. This is to ensure that the planned event runs smoothly and perfectly. In addition, event management aims to ensure that the protocol of an event is followed. Adherence to the appropriate protocol is one of the important elements in determining the smoothness and success of an event in addition to helping to improve the image of the university.

Event management guideline

  • Determine the objective of the event
  • Determine the level of an event whether internal, local, national or international.
  • Determine the official invitation and guest of honor
  • Set a suitable date, time and place for officiating from outside the university
  • Determining the presence of university representatives that are appropriate to the official position
  • Setting the appropriate date, time and place for officials from within the university such as the Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor and key management officers of the university
  • Determine the program of events as appropriate
  • Ensuring the number of invitations and expected attendance is appropriate to the level of the official and the capacity of the space
  • Consider the financial implications.

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