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What is the history of UKM’s establishment?

The very first idea to establish a higher education centre for Malay community happened in the meeting of Conference of Rulers in 1903. An intellectual named Za’ba wrote about it on the newspaper ‘Lembaga Melayu’ in 1917.

The thinking movements, debates and constant determination of Malay intellectuals to create a university that uses Malay language, Malaysia’s national language as medium language in any institutes of higher education, started in 1923 when Abdul Kadir Adabi, another Malay intellectual submitted the memorandum of the idea to DYMM Sultan Kelantan.

However, the idea and the determination to make it came true can not be developed gradually due to many obstacles and difficulties from the oppresion of colonialisme.

Nonetheless, the ideas, the thoughts, the spirit and the determination continues to live in the minds of Malay intellectuals. The battle of the national university establishment was at its peak when the country managed to secure its independence in 1957.

When was the date of the establishment of UKM?

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) was established on 18th May 1970. It is one and only national university in Malaysia that uses Malay language as medium language.

With a very excellent academic environment, modern campus infrastructures and the concept of ‘Campus in a Garden’, UKM is undoubtedly one of distinguished universities in Malaysia and this region.

Where is UKM located?

Bangi Main Campus is located in Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) area, near Putrajaya and Cyberjaya which become the catalyst for UKM in the development of information technology.

North-South Expressway, commuter dan bus service make the journey to UKM campus much more easier for the students and those who want to visit the university.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) at Sepang has done big favour in uniting UKM with international world. Click here to view the location of UKM and UKM campus map.

What are the objectives of UKM in educating the students?

Based on gradual achievements in research field throughout more than three decades, UKM is chosen as one of the Research Universities (RU) in Malaysia.

The excellency of UKM flourishes with the placement of national and international research institutes, which are Malaysia Genom Institute (MGI) and International Institute of Global Health, United Nations University.

UKM is also a recepient of Prime Minister’s Quality Award 2006.

This award is for recognizing the prominence of UKM in academic and management field.

With strong base in these fields, UKM shines out with new image through the slogan ‘Inspiring Futures, Nurturing Possibilities’.

What are the facilities provided by UKM?

To ensure a harmonious and condusive campus environment, various facilities are provided to cater the needs of its students and staffs.

Many kinds of activities are held with the aim to create continuous generation of accomplished students either in physical or mental aspects.

Among facilities provided are library, internet and information technology, residential college, safety, sports and recreational activities, counselling service, student committee, banking, post office and cafeteria.

What are courses offered in UKM?

Now, UKM offers various kinds of courses for Undergraduates, Graduates and Doctor of Philosophy.

Information about the offered programmes is listed at entry menu.

Undergraduates Programmes

Graduates Programmes

Executives Programmes


How does UKM handles every student’s matters?

Generally, every matter regarding the students is handled by UKM Student Affairs & Alumni Office.

Meanwhile, certain matters such as student admission and other student concerns are managed by Academic Section, Deputy Vice Chancellor Office (Academic and International).

What is the main medium language used in UKM?

Medium languages used in UKM are Bahasa Malaysia and English.

Any contact information if I want to deal with UKM?

Centre of Corporate Communication,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
43600 UKM, Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan


Tel: 603 8921 5555 / 5053 / 3370
Fax: 8921 4097
Website :
Email :