UKM Logo


The Emblem of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) is a shield with four quadrants. Each quadrant contains an image and a specific background colour which bears a definite meaning. An open book is placed on top of the shield. The images found in the quadrants on the shield are:
• A tiger in royal yellow charging courageously towards the right side, on a background colour of red.
• An atomic symbol on a background of yellow.
• A symbol of technology, on a blue background.
• A red hibiscus flower on a white background.

The book symbolises knowledge, which is UKM’s main role as an institution of higher learning and research centre.

The shield is a symbol of strength. It symbolises UKM’s capability in upholding its role as an institute of higher learning in the country.

The tiger is a symbol of courage and power. The tiger reflects a Malaysian society with the Malay culture as its basis. A courageous charging tiger embodies the readiness of UKM to fight ignorance, evil and dishonesty.

Atom and Technology
The atomic and technology symbol highlights the notion of national advancement based on modern science and technology. UKM as a knowledge centre is responsible in producing knowledgable human capital in all fields to meet the needs of the country’s development.

The hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia. The five petals of the flower are the five pillars of Rukun Negara which are always upheld by the people of Malaysia.