W3C Disability Acsessibility

UKM Portal provides access to persons with disabilities (PWDs) / Disability Access. This is in accordance with the objectives of the W3C Web Accessibility (WAI) in which the website is accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs) with appropriate facilities.

1. The Blind User
Text readers – Application that can be used is IE Page Reader. Get IE Page Reader. You must download MS Speech API before you can use this component. If you are using Windows 2000, chances are you have your system components. You also need at least one Speech engine. Speech engine is a “voice” of a man or woman who can speak English or other languages.

For further instructions use this component, please click here.

2. Blind Colour User
Colour Converter – This page also provides access to their choice of colours for blindness problems. There are three colour choices of red, blue and black.